Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Meet Me

Well hello there. I'm me. And you are you.

Just kidding.  My name's Michelle and I'm a big joker, as you can see.  I crack myself up all the time.  I also have a child who likes to joke around a lot (Millicent).

Speaking of kids, I have six of them.  Ashlea, Kori, Kati, Millicent, Asa, Jerusha and a grandbaby, Audra.

I homebirth.

I cloth diaper.

I breastfeed...for as long as we can both stand it.  My record is 3 1/2 years, for ONE child, through a pregnancy, sharing with her brother and another pregnancy.

I scrapbook, but not often.

I LOVE Survivor.

Some of my favorite posts:


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Currently we are living in Singapore for my husbands job so a lot of my posts will be Singapore related.

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