Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm so GLAD...

Originally posted 8/27/08

I'm so glad I'm not a single parent. And let me tell you why I feel like that this morning.

Last night Jeff had to fix a plumbing problem outside and could not help me put the babies to sleep. Every night I lay down and nurse Millicent and he gives Asa a bottle and rocks him to sleep. Now I know there are many people who have taught their children to lay in their beds and go to sleep on their own. But we haven't even desired to teach that to our children. Instead we have taught them that they can expect a loving adult to carry them to dreamland. And that is what we like. We don't wish to change that.

So last night I was trying to figure out how I was going to nurse Mill and give Asa a bottle. I got them both ready for bed (and it was a little later than usual, so Mill was getting rowdy). Then I laid Millicent on the inside and Asa beside her. All was going well for about, oh 30 seconds, then Asa started crying because he wanted to be patted. And Millicent started fussing because she wanted to pick at my arm (I know she's weird). So they fussed back and forth until they settled down. Once I thought Asa was asleep I turned over so Mill could nurse on the other side. BIG mistake. That woke him right up and it started all over again. (Millicent was waiting patiently though.) Fortunately by that time Ashlea was home from school so I had her come get Asa.

I'm SO GLAD I don't have to try to figure out how to put a toddler and an infant to bed every night without having them cry because their needs aren't being met.

While I'm at it....
I'm so glad....

That I have a husband who supports my AP approach to parenting.

That I have a husband who thinks it's great that I'm still nursing Mill and that I've tried so hard to keep nursing Asa.

That I have a husband who changes diapers. (hehehe)

That I have a husband who loves God with all his heart, and seeks him in all that he does.

What are you glad about today?


The Royal Family said...

sorry nothingt o be glad about just a stressful sucky day. hope your vaca is wonderful

Ashley said...

Oh no kidding, I'm so glad I'm not a single parent too! I don't know how they do it.

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