Friday, August 8, 2008

Our Courtship (the short version)

What I really wanted was to be married and for God to bless me with more children. I had a teenage daughter from a previous marriage, whose father wasn't around. She needed a good, loving father, and I wanted a husband. I waited and waited, sometimes patiently, but usually begging God to send me a mate.

When He finally said yes, I joined Eharmony. The process was simple. I decided how far in communication I wanted to go and how much information I wanted to give. The first three stages helped me to weed out anyone I wasn't completely compatible with. Then we could exchange pictures, if I desired, and get to know one another via their email system. I hadn't dated since I got saved and God quickly showed me that his choice for me was not to "date" but to save my feelings and desires for the man I would marry. So I was very cautious of that.

My 3rd stage question was blunt and to the point. How do you feel about sex before marriage? The first person that made it through that stage was Jeff. Surprisingly, many men who claimed to be Christian gave an answer other than, “sex before marriage is a sin”. But not Jeff. We began sending emails and getting to know one another. I was stricken by how intelligent he was. It wasn't long before we were calling and talking. I would hurriedly check my email each morning before work to see if he had emailed me.

It took some time for him to persuade me to meet. He came over with his two daughters, who needed a mom more than anything, and spent the day with us. He helped me get some "man" stuff done around the house. I cooked a nice meal for everyone. We all liked each other.

The next weekend he wanted to take me out. During the week I decided that he was just okay and probably not the guy for me. But the moment he walked in the door I was over that. I immediately knew God sent him to me, I just knew. We had a nice date in a bookstore with Ashlea and her friends chaperoning. We asked questions of each other all day. Every question we had, the other had the perfect answer. It was unbelievable. When I told him I wanted foster children, he did too. Later on when I told him I didn't want to celebrate santa, he didn't either. I was blown away.

God gave us so many signs along the way to assure us that we were on the right path with one another. After knowing each other for four months we got married. We are four years strong, and two more children later, very happy.


Jeff Johnson said...

....and I love you infinitely more now than I did 4 years ago.

Laura said...

How sweet! I love true stories like this! And that first comment, Oh My goodness, that is the sweetest thing ever!

I wanted to stop by & thank you for adding me to your blog list! It made me feel like a million bucks to know that there is someone that likes my blog enough to tell people! I'm still kinda new at this too.

Where are you guys from?

Jo said...

Hi Michelle!

Great blog. And I love your love story! You guys are terrific. Here's my blog:

Mostly about my crafting adventures.

Talk to you soon!


Michelle said...

Laura, we are in OK, in a tiny little town that know one has ever heard of near OKC.

I love your site, so no problem. I go every morning with my coffee.

Amblin said...

What a lovely story! It's been fun reading all the Love Stories in October posts. I'm having fun posting mine as well.

God is so good, isn't he!

Owlhaven said...

How sweet!!!


dave.heather said...

What a darling family and sweet, sweet story! How sweet is your hubby to leave you a comment?! Congratulations! ~Heather

I'm so excited about the October love stories! So fun to read everyone's stories.

Mrs. Troop said...

Very sweet story - what a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing.

Tara Holzhauer Hall said...

Oh, Michelle, you were such a beautiful bride! What a great love story for the two of you.