Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Reasons I Homeschool

Someone sent me a list of 100 reasons to homeschool. So I'm going to post my 10 favorite reasons on here.

1. "Jesus" is not a curse word...

2. "Crap" and "stupid" are.

3. Your child's achievements, advancements or academic pursuits never need to be limited by age or grade.

4. I get to spend soooooo much time with my kids.

5. You can teach to each child's learning style, thereby encouraging their strengths and improving upon their weaknesses.

6. Children learn to enjoy learning for learning's sake. Near as I can tell, it is not uncommon for homeschool kids to carry around a textbook for "light reading".

7. Field trips, field trips and MORE FIELD TRIPS!!!!

8. Your kids can work as fast or as slow as they want or need to.

9. Seeing the proverbial Light Bulb going off, while teaching long division for a week in a row, and my daughter saying, "Oh I get it now"...and knowing I did that..I gave her that light bulb moment.

10. I believe as a parent it is my responsibility to see that my child has the best possible education, and I don't want to hire that responsibility out to someone else. It's all in my hands!

We've chosen to homeschool for these 10 reasons and SO many more. I enjoy doing it and my kids enjoy being home.

But really, one of the main reasons we homeschool is because we want to teach our children from a Christian worldview. And THAT would never happen in public school.


Jeff Johnson said...

Where's the link?

Skinnyontheinside said...

the link isn't working :(

Anonymous said...

What would you do/think if your child grows up and develops views of the world that are not christian centered?

Michelle said...

My husband will be addressing this question on his

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding Michelle. In particular I was curious what you, as a mother, thought about your children growing up and developing views outside the christian centered ones they were raised with.

Jeff Johnson said...

Great question! Michelle has agreed to let me answer this question in a more complete manner on my blog. Should have a post up dedicated to your question within the next few days.


Jeff Johnson said...

oops...sorry, didn't read the "mother" part. I will still address it..from a theological and extremely dad-ish perspective...but as far as the mother's perspective goes...I am truly lost when it comes to being a mother. Just ask my wife.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I guess that is why I did ask your wife.

Michelle said...

I pray that my children will follow in the way that they were raised. If my child strays from the flock I will be very sad.

The only thing I could do in that situation is pray for them. Show them how much I love them. Point them back towards Christ who loved (agape) them more than I ever could.

But my heart would break.

What about you? What kind of worldview do you have? How would it affect you to see your child not accept that?

Anonymous said...

I agree. Everyone wants what they think is best for their children.