Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A review: Become shopping

First, my title is weird.  And second, my cute baby Jerusha has absolutely nothing to do with this post.  Well, almost nothing.  Well, okay, something.  But not much.

Become shopping site asked me to review their site and blog about it.  So I said sure.  Why not?  I mean, who doesn't like shopping, right?

Become is a huge online store, much like Amazon, that sells a large assortment of products.

I wanted to concentrate on the Baby Become, because, hey, I have a baby.  And I might find something I like. Further, I have a grandbaby on the way (SIX WEEKS, maybe) and I keep buying her stuff too.

The first thing I searched for was something I actually need, a new high chair. 

I found this one called Teamson Kids.  While absolulety beautiful, it's just screaming to get food all over it and for the paint to be scratched off.  See:

BUT STILL, I love that high chair.  I don't personally know any babies named Amanda but maybe it's a sign to name our next Amanda.

Here is something a little more practical for our family (and we won't have to name our next daughter Amanda).  Meaning, it can be washed and rinsed and swept and wiped a lot easier. Because, yeah, we are that messy.

This one is the Zooper high chair. Who doesn't want a high chair called a Zooper?

On further consideration, I'm pretty sure someone will die in this one.

Okay, here is one more our style.  Cute and yet cleanable.  Sturdy and safe.  Carters Bumble Folding chair

It's quite reasonably priced and folds away.  Bonus.  Yep, I really like this high chair.  And I like Become. I was able to compare prices and shop at many different stores.  I think I may just get this high chair.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

Don't forget to enter the Earth Mama Angel Baby giveaway. It ends tomorrow.

Since I'm so lame I didn't get a challenge up yesterday but I'll get the first one up today and we'll run it till next Wednesday, when I'll announce the winner.  Compete people.  Win. 


Yara said...

but full of safety warnings which = not REALLY safe for babies.
I hate high chairs. Never owned one.
I own a babee tenda
and now Kev uses a tripp trapp, which the kids can use until, well, forver. Bonus. Not a waste ; )
But- those are all cute. If cute is what you're going for.

Cascia said...

I like the last one too. We have a Graco high chair and it folds up too. I love that feature.