Thursday, May 20, 2010

Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm Review and Giveaway

I've used and loved Earth Mama Angel Baby products several times.  It was with great anticipation that I awaited the delivery of the Bottom Balm to try out.  And just because I love my readers, I asked if I could have an extra one as a giveaway.  They agreed.  They are SO great over there.  I MEAN that.  They are one of my favorite companies to work with.

First of all, the Bottom Balm smells great. 

Angel Baby Bottom Balm 60 ml. (2 oz.)

From: Earth Mama Angel Baby LLC.

It's not only for diaper rash but cuts and burns as well.

It's 100% organic, as are all their products.

It washes right off of cloth diapers but does stay on bodies pretty well.

When I first received the balm I hoped for Jerusha to get a rash.  When she didn't get a rash, I thought maybe I should poop my pants to see if I got a rash.

Finally, oh joy, Jerusha got a rash and I got to try out my product.  It worked, on the small rash.

But these STUPID disposable diapers gave her a serious rash. (I only use them at night and when we will be gone most of the day.)  So I had to bring out the big guns for fear it wouldn't work before it got worse.

My usual cream cleared it up within a diaper change.

I did use it again not long after and it cleared up the little rashes really easily.

I also put some on a cut on my finger. Worked great.  It's greasy though and not creamy.

So you want one?

They've given me a discount code good for 20% off anything in the store.  BLESSEDQUIVER20

To enter:

Leave a comment.  Tell me something about something.  Or about nothing.  Whatever.

Extra entries:

  1. Visit Earth Mama Angel Baby
  2. Friend them on Facebook
  3. That's all I've got people.


Anonymous said...

Pick me!!

mavoss@ yahoodotcom

Tara said...

would love to win this!
taraz9 at excite dot com

Tara said...

entry #2 - visited Earth Mama Angel Baby... I love that their baby products are natural & organic
taraz9 at excite dot com

Yara said...

I love earth mama angel baby
it's one of my faves and yet I've never tried the butt balm. But I will... if you give it to me.
Make it happen, okay? Thanks ; )

Yara said...

visited website

Yara said...

friended/liked them on facebook

Trudy said...

Sounds wonderful..I know we could definitely use some of that for Ben over here!

Trudy said...

Just friended them on facebook too!

LivinginLilliput said...

i love their foot soak..used that the end of my pg..

Melissa said...

Does it work with CDs?

Jenna Wood said...

I have never ridden a 2 wheel bike. True story!
six_one_nine_girlie86 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Jenna Wood said...

I love Earth Mama Baby they have great kits for women who are expecting!
six_one_nine_girlie86 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Jenna Wood said...

EMB Facebook fan-Jenna Marie Wood
six_one_nine_girlie86 (at) yahoo (dot) com