Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Father's Day is coming up and our giveaway winner

First, let's do our giveaways.  Jenna Wood you win $20 in EcoMom products with free shipping. YIPEE!  What an awesome prize.  Seriously.  I've got to win this stuff.

Our biggest loser yesterday was Christy. The book is really encouraging but evidently Christy doesn't need any help.  Have you seen her total weight loss?  WAY TO GO Christy.

Lastly, the consensus yesterday was to do challenges to win the book.  So I'll put up a new challenge each day and the person who wins the most challenges gets the book.  In the case of a tie, the book will go to the person with the most amount of reps.  EVERYONE get in on these challenges this week.  It's a quick, simple way to get some activity in. You fit it into your schedule.  Even if you aren't playing the Biggest Loser with us, you need to do the challenges. I know where you live.  Granted it's too far for me to drive there, even if you live in the same town as me, but I know where you are!!

With Father's Day coming up I actually wanted to do an early post with some suggestions. Yes, I usually wait until the day of an event, holiday or activity to do a post on it, but I am actually doing this in plenty of time for someone to actually buy something I recommend.

Pictures.  One of Jeff's favorite Father's Day presents were pictures.  This was before Asa came along.  I bought the girls all white outfits. We headed to the park and took pictures. I got individual pictures and some of them together.  My favorite ended up being a trio of pictures of them spinning. I bought a frame which held all three.  Each child put their individual picture in a frame and gave it to him.  He liked it so much he's asked for it again.

This year for Mother's Day I got a new phone.  Not a bad idea.  Men love technology. If your husband doesn't have a Smart phone now is the time.  Verizon has an offer right now where if you join under me we both get a $25 gift card.  So let me know if you need Verizon.

My two favorite gifts that I've given him have been baby/child related.

The first was a Kelty backpack.

Jeff carries all the younger kids around in it all the time.  In the yard, at the zoo, hiking, walking and playing around.  They LOVE for Daddy to put them in the backpack.  We are a babywearing family though.  Even if you aren't Dad's will love this.

Last year I got him a running and bike stroller.  It converts.  It's a Schwinn Double Bike trailer and jogging stroller.  Double meaning two kids.  Just in case that was too hard for you to figure out there.  He likes the stroller so much that he uses it in place of our regular double stroller. It GLIDES like you wouldn't believe.  Again, the kids LOVE for dad to get out the stroller because it means they are going for a walk with him. 

Of course, there are always funny T-shirts from Cafe Press like this one:

Guns don't kill people.  Dads with pretty daughters do.


That's what she said. 

I got one for Asa but I just can't figure out when or where he should wear it.  A little inappropriate?  Do you think?  

This year Jeff is getting a Droid for Father's Day.

What are you getting your husband?

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Melissa said...

I would love to get a bike trailer but they are just so expensive. Not sure what I'll get my hubs for fathers day. Hummm...