Tuesday, May 5, 2009

TTC--How to tell everyone

The first installment of trying to conceive is here. This talks about the signs of ovulation and your best chances of getting pregnant.

The second installment is here and is about journaling your journey.

The third installment is here and is about secondary fertility signs.

So today I thought I would talk about what we've all been waiting on...the positive test.


I don't know about you, but I sit around thinking about fun, creative ways to tell Jeff I'm pregnant. Don't tell me I'm the only crazy, obsessive one. Each time I've gotten pregnant I've come up with something memorable. Don't be silly and just take a test and tell your DH, make it fun! Just think, there aren't many surprises in the world, and this could be one. (I made a poem...that's one way to tell.)

Here are some ways I've told Jeff I'm pregnant.

When I got pregnant with Millicent we were having a date that night. So at the restaurant I placed the pregnancy test in amongst the napkins. I waited, on the edge of my seat, for him to find that test and figure it out. Finally he dislodged it and started to freak out, wondering why there was a used pregnancy test on our table. But then he realized.

We called our family and told them. A very dear friend of the family was dying and we thought some good news would be nice right about then. But pretty boring way to tell, huh?

When I got pregnant with Asa, I had previously bought a T-shirt for Millicent that said, "I'm the Big Sister now". Then the day I found out, I had all the kids load up, so Jeff wouldn't be distracted. I asked him to dress Millicent. OF course, he read the shirt. He called from the other room, "Michelle! Are you pregnant?" And we cracked up.

So we let Millicent wear that shirt the next few times we left the house to let friends and family read it. Surprisingly, not many people read her shirt and we had to verbally tell them. (I guess our friends and family aren't big readers.)

The next time I got pregnant, Jeff was leading music at church. I asked if he would ask for praises, like our brother-in-law used to do, because I really liked that.

So sure enough he said, "Are there any praises?"

I raised my hand and said, "New life."

He smiled and nodded.

Then I tried giving big eyes to our pastor on the front row and he started catching it.

He said, "What does she mean, new life?"

Jeff said, "New life in Christ."

Pastor said, "I don't think that's what she means. What do you mean?"

FINALLY Jeff started getting it. He got a little emotional, kept rubbing his head and laughing. Finally he came down and gave me a hug and a kiss. It was nice to announce it to the church and him at the same time.

Another great way to announce a pregnancy is on your blog, like this:


I had a friend who put a hamburger bun in her oven and took a picture to send to everyone. That's pretty cute.

Another friend gave her husband two presents. One was a bag of "protection" (if you know what I mean). And the other was the pregnancy test. She told her husband, "Open these. One was a waste of money." Isn't that funny!

I have another friend who bought a tiny little outfit of her husband's favorite sports team.

Another bought him a card that said just the two of us, and crossed out the two to add three.

I would love to hear how everyone else told. Let's get some great ideas going for these future positives that we are about to be having, due to all my great advice. Now I do expect one or two of these babies to be named Michelle.


Jeff Johnson said...

We can name our baby Michelle Junior if it's a girl. I will probably just call her junior though.

Unknown said...

With my first pregnancy, I took the test just before I had to leave for a meeting. And Ron had ran somewhere after work and I had not seen him yet, and I wouldn't see him before I had to leave for the meeting either. So I was talking to him on the phone and I said "when you get home, be sure and look at the pregnancy test on the bathroom counter". Not much of a surprise there, but I just could NOT wait!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Congrats! I just started reading your blog recently. I am also pregnant, Due Dec 21 :)

holly said...


Kim said...

Ha! LOVE that my announcement made the cut. LOL! CONGRATULATIONS you two!!!! LOVE YOU!

Tamara Dawn said...

Just visiting from SITS. Congrats to you!! :) Cute blog! Glad I stopped by!

Emily said...

I was wondering if you might be!!! I was actually thinking about you last night when I was positive on my OK. =) Congrats, Michelle! This is so exciting!!!

Our first pregnancy was really funny. I took a test, which was negative. A short while later, Matt went to the bathroom and found that our cat had knocked over the trashcan and had spread trash all over the bathroom. He found a positive pregnancy test in the trash, and asked me why I hadn't told him I was pregnant. When he showed me the test, I couldn't believe it and took a second test. It was positive. I had used a different brand of test than I normally did and had not read the directions. The old brand had said to wait 5 minutes. This brand said wait 10 minutes. So on my first pregnancy, my husband told me I was pergnant! Ha ha! We wrapped up the pregnancy test in a fancy box with a ginormous bow to tell my parents.

Jennifer said...

CUTE!! I love all of those ideas! I have an idea for how I want to tell our parents... I want to talk to them on the phone and then at the end of the conversation when we're hanging up say "bye grandma" (that is if ours is still the first). And wait to see how long until they call back! that's my plan at least!

Great post, and great series!! I love it! I'm following this blog now here and on technorati!

Jennifer said...

Oh and CONGRATS!!! I thought that one was hypothetical, haha, congrats girl!!

Unknown said...

omg another January baby too cool!!! congrats girl!!! i never do anything special i just complain that i am totally pregnant for about 2 weeks cause i am so tired and finally after the 10Th test i get a positive and me and chad laugh lol maybe when i get pregnant again cause i am sure i will lol i will do something silly ;)

Unknown said...

Fabulous! Thanks for 'finding' my blog and your comments. I think this is no small coincidence. I don't consider myself an obsessive tester, have only taken a couple so far. I'm trying to be as natural as possible about it.

I too am already thinking of creative ways to tell everyone! Maybe an early Father's Day gift for my husband!

The Royal Family said...

I just was told about 3 recent prego's
1. post on the blog...
2. a picture (long distance family) with a shirt like you said :i'm going to be a big sister"
3. text.. boring

I send out an email and post on my blog with a little chart saying
Addie (my older child) is getting so big she can now say thank you, Addie is so big she now sits on the potty, Addie is so big etc etc etc and the last one i put Addie is so big she is going to be a big sister!!!

I really had fun with that one, and it was a good update on our 20month old at the same time :)

The Buzz,

The Royal Family said...

I forgot to ask... I am not sure if this means you are prego? but Jan is the month if you were so CONGRATS!!!

Nicky said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you guys!

Stacey said...

Stopped in from Drea's blog... Congrats! What a fun way to tell your readers :)

With our first, I didn't have any special way of telling my husband, because he didn't believe me anyway :) But for our families, we gave them a soother with a little note attached (with the due date on it) at Christmas. It was a gift for the whole family we told them, and then watched for the reaction :) Our son was the first grandchild in both of our families, so it was really special. With our daughter, we just told them, but it was at Christmas time again. And somehow, my mom always knew before I told ANYONE! She just figured it out all on her own. She's way to smart and observant!

Tara said...

Congrats!!!! woo-hoo!!!

Unknown said...


When I was pregnant I told my mom by saying that my niece was going to have a cousin. My mom didn't get it and kept saying well who could be pregnant... not this cousin or that cousin. She didn't realize I meant me until I blurted it out.
Thanks for stopping by the other day too =)

Lena said...

Congratulation!!! Wow, I cant believe you are having a January baby, maybe January 6th, like my little girl... he he. How exciting! Is your hubby excited?

Robbie S. Redmon, LPC said...

Congratulations! This is my first visit. I love your blog design.

Beulah said...

Hooray! That's so exciting!

With my oldest, I wrapped up a parenting book with the test. lol. Not exactly the present he was expecting.

Amy said...

Yea!!! I am so excited for you guys. I had a headache Sunday night so I missed out on the excitement. Carol called me today and told me how it all happened.

Ann said...

I love these stories! I found your blog via Andrea's blog (the laughs will go on).
Come and check out my blog if you want. http://alatteinthemorning.blogspot.com

Andrea said...

Ok...so that means that you're pregnant, right???? That is SUPER exciting!!! :)

Milburns' said...

been looking for this all day and FINALLY found it... cute and very covert way to tell people... I like the one where you got to announce at church...LOL

With this one I took a picture of the pregnancy test and sent it to Jerrys phone... then he checked his picture mail and that was it! :-)

My fave was the bun in the oven too...LOL

Mrs. Green said...

I know this is an old post, but its still helpful to me! Lol I have read a few of your posts this morning and I love your blog!! :)

I am looking forward to getting more advice/tips from you! I am a new follower!

Feel free to check out my blog - awaitingourgreenbean.blogspot.com