Monday, May 4, 2009

My weekend in Pictures

First we went to a rodeo. For all of our children, this was their first time there. Asa pretty much just pointed all evening long. He started by pointing at the John Deere tractor and then squealing with delight as the horses came out.

You can see that Kati was having a good time too...this was probably due to seeing a horse...I know it looks like it ought to be the bull riding event, but it's not.

Yep, Millicent looked that raggedy. As it got later she got more and more tired and more and more raggedy looking. At least she looked better than all the half dressed teenagers I saw. And people get upset about nursing in public?

I just love the photography in this picture so I had to share it. Here he is pointing again.

And lest you think I was kidding...pointing again.

Here is Kori enjoying the show. Looks pretty, huh?

Here is what she was watching...hard to get good pictures with that huge stockade fence.

Talk about pointing, every time this thing walked by Asa pointed and Millicent hid. Can you tell she's not too sure about this?

If you read Saturday's post you know what's going on here. I know this picture isn't clear, because that's how my picture taking went this weekend. Kati is scared and confused. She's looking at me to come rescue her. But, hey, I'm holding the camera, I gotta take pictures.

The previous picture was mostly scared, this one's mostly confused.

Look how handsome. But don't look too hard, that's my man.

These are from the Science Museum. Good pictures huh? I seriously have no idea why my camera did this...but as I mentioned earlier, this is how it went.

Asa stayed by me playing with the phone.

Here he is taking five steps.

Asa loves to climb. But his leg is stuck. I made him unstick himself.

I was trying to capture the chaos in this place area, due I'm sure, to the rainy day outside. Chaos cannot be captured on camera evidently. But trust me on this.

Please take note of several things. There is a person dressed like a penguin in the background, along with some kind of cat and a guy on safari. So Asa climbing up on the chair and onto the sign, can easily be overlooked.

Millicent is ALWAYS scared of these things but somehow her pictures are always cute.

And there you have it. Our weekend in pictures.


The Royal Family said...

cute. looks like you guys had fun! Did you catch up on Survivor?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun weekend. I have to agree with you on the state of many a teen girl's attire. What is with the clothing designers lately? Where has modesty gone? And in agreement with you on the breastfeeding in public (something I have yet to do but know I will most likely be doing it next fall), why is that such an issue when young girls are being made into sex objects based on their clothing choices? And where are the parents in said clothing decisions?

H.K. said...

I've never been to a rodeo before at least I got to live vicariously thru your pictures! You're so lucky you had a fun filled weekend!

Jen said...

Hey, Michelle - I haven't peeked at your blog in a while. The new background is cute!

Jeff Johnson said...

remember that funny thing on sunday night at church? where is the photo of that?

Unknown said...

looks like a busy weekend!! But fun:)

Lena said...

nice pictures, i like the one where your son is sticking his tongue out in concentration. :)

Amy McBride said...

You guys really had a busy weekend! I know what you mean about the attire at the rodeo. I noticed it Saturday night when we were there and it was really cold outside. I just don't get it. Oh yeah, I haven't given you my blog address yet. It is I'm not finished with it yet. I may need your help. There are some things I am not sure about yet.

Michelle said...

Still havent watched Survivor.

The clothes were shocking. The girl sitting in front of us had a skirt on so short that if she moved I'm sure you could have seen her bum...we were above her or I would have known for sure...what I do know is that Jeff had to avert his eyes.

Thanks everyone for the compliments. We had a great time!