Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WFMW--Trying to Conceive Journal

Last week I talked about trying to get pregnant and some ways to best help that along. Today I'm going to talk about something I started doing along the way that is fun and relaxing and can be quite cathartic. I keep a TTC, pregnancy and beyond journal.

I actually started this when I was 16 years old and pregnant with my now 17 year old. OOOHHHH...that tells my age...I'm lookin' good, huh? (Don't be hatin'.) It's crazy to think that I was such a good mom, even then, that I wanted a history recorded. Don't worry, you aren't a bad mom if you didn't have a baby at 17 and keep a journal.

I just wrote down how I felt back then. I mean, I wasn't the most stable person around and this helped to sort out things. (Yeah, I mean, I was 16 and pregnant.) I somehow managed to keep my daughter alive for the next decade and half. Then I met and married Jeff and the journal became something else. (For one, Ashlea's journal was stolen so I had nothing to go by.)

I didn't get anything fancy, just a regular spiral journal...Millicent's says LOVE over and over with rainbows. (I wanted a girl, can you tell?) When I was trying to conceive Millicent I would write down my phantom symptoms when I thought I was pregnant. (COME ON all you trying to conceivers, admit it! You do it! Oooohhh, I'm so tired, I'm so thirsty, I'm crying all the time. I must be pregnant. Admit it!) But I also wrote down my feelings and experiences.

Here is an excerpt:

5-10-05 A new baby would change the dynamics within our household-hopefully for the better. We can't wait-I should say-Will wait for the Lord. [But I seriously get NOW]

3 DPO-breasts tender

5-15 My temperature dropped this morning. Not sure what it means but I don't think it's a good sign. This month no symptoms really. A few, but I don't think they mean anything. I tested, even though I KNOW it's too early. [This is 8 DPO for anyone counting. Obssesive? Nah.]

10 DPO-took nap; went to bed early [Pre-baby days, I didn't take many naps.]
VERY tired!


So I just recorded what I thought and felt and experienced. Then when I'm obsessing about every little twinge I go back and read through my journals and quickly realize that I'm crazy (mostly) and that there is no for sure way to tell I'm pregnant but a positive test.

But I kept writing in the journal because I liked it and I liked having history written down. So here is an excerpt from Millicent's pregnancy:

7-21 13 weeks, 2 days
That means that I'm 5 days into my 13th week. [I'm a genius, I know.] That should be 2nd trimester. [WHY did I pick this particular day to write about???] Which means that more and more I should feel closer to normal. [UH, yeah right!] I'm not as tired but have actually had morning sickness-actually in the morning. The worst part for me has been the headaches. Almost every day I've had one. I'm waiting to feel the baby move. Every twinge, I wonder if that's it. [Goes to show I'm obsessive all the time.] Maybe just a few more weeks.

I keep the journal ongoing. Here is an excerpt from Millicent's journal from when she was little (er):

7-24 You wore a ponytail all day! [Anyone else have a little girl who WONT wear ponytails?]

9-24 I love being your mom. You are so sweet and cute and smart. Most of the time you obey really well. [She STILL does...isn't it funny how their little personalities are formed so young.] I love cuddling with you every morning and napping with you. [Didn't take long to go from non napping to napping every day. Anyone else feeling me?]

2-18 You can count to five. [HEY, she was only two.]

10-29 Someone at church said they would just take Asa home. I was holding you. You started crying--really crying. You said, "I don't want Mr. Mike to take Asa home." You were really upset thinking he might take Asa home. What a good sister. [I know you are amazed by my slick and witty writing style in these journals. Hey, what can I say...I have literally seconds to write in them.]

I just write little stories and anecdotes that strike me throughout the week. I usually write them on a calendar and when I get time, transfer them over. (You know, once a month.)

With Asa's pregnancy I ran across a list of questions:

Name some mothers you admire.

What are you most looking forward to when the baby comes?

What's your favorite thing about being pregnant.

You get it, right?

At first when I write in it, I write just like I'm writing to myself, but when they are born I switch it over to writing them.

In the end, my children will get these. I haven't decided if I will give all of them to the first pregnant girl, just so she can see my struggles and craziness. Or if I will only give Millicent her journal and Asa's wife his journal. I guess I'll figure it out as the time comes.

So how about you? Do you do something like this? How do remember all the little things us moms are bound to forget? Did I just bore you to death with entries from my journals? Stay tuned for more. Kidding, just kidding. Or am I?


Emily B said...

This is really fun! I didn't keep a TTC journal, but I did keep pregnancy journals with both kids.

Anti-Supermom said...

I charted with both of my pregnancies, so I have written what I was feeling and temps, but a journal.

That's a great record!

Christie-A Work In Progress said...

Hi! Stopping by from SITS! So not boring! I love that you kept these journals! I wish I did better with mine. What a treasure for your children...especially the girls when they embark on motherhood. Great blog! Glad you were in front of me today!

Yara said...

I hope I don't offend you, you know I say this with so much love...
"Don't worry, you aren't a bad mom if you didn't have a baby at 17 and keep a journal."
um... lol jackass!
okay, gonna read the rest : P

Yara said...

sorry, Yara is now dead from boredom.

No, I kid....

that was interesting.
I started a pregnancy journal with Kevin. Then I got over it after like 3 entries. I am not a journal keeper.
But I do think it's cute you did that.
I'm just gonna tell me kids I never had any craziness, and they are whining too much & need to suck it up...

H.K. said...

I think kids love to read back not on the recordings of their childhood, but also their mama's recording their pregnancy.

When my son was little, he loved looking at the pictures of me pregnant and me telling him all about when he was in my tummy.

Brittany said...

I'm not a mom yet, but I imagine I will be the same way. I love to journal, and look back to see how much things have changed.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today, and drooling over my Reese's Trifle!
Also, you made my day by following my blog! :)

Diana said...

I think that's awesome that you do that. I wish I had been good about that (or better yet that blogging had been a part of my world, or even existed in those days) but most of even their baby books are a certain level of poetic license (or out and out fiction) but those were tough days with the littler two, and with my oldest I just never had the habit. Someday your kids will appreciate it.

Michelle said...

Well I didnt keep a TTC journal with Ashlea...I just realized it sounded like I did. NO, I wanted to get pregnant...I KNOW THAT'S CRAZY, but there you have it.

Thanks Christie!!!


Diana, yes, sometimes I'll record something and not be for sure..but Jeff always puts me up to it. It'll go like this:

Me: Do you remember what day Asa took that step.

Jeff: (Oh, he of NO memory) Yesterday?

Me: NO! It was a week or two ago.

Jeff: Oh well, then I dont know.

Me: Well I'm trying to write in his baby book. (OH how many times we have had this EXACT conversation.)

Jeff: Well just put anything, he'll never know.

So I try to guess as close as I can. I feel you Diana.

Future Mama said...

Wow that is so cool! I think (and hope) my blog will be my journal, but then again maybe not cause I'm not sure I want the world to know all of my little crazies, hmm, we'll see :)

Thanks for sharing this though, I love it!

The Royal Family said...

I am glad your so open! I admit I had phantom symptoms each month for 11months when I TTC with the first baby!

Anonymous said...

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