Monday, July 12, 2010

Is it really Monday again?

Can you believe we are almost done?  Now listen, some of you haven't been getting your weights to me.  GET THEM IN.  I have to have these next few weeks so I can see who the winner is.

Forgive my faulty memory but someone won a piece of exercise equipment and it was missing something.  The donor found the piece outside of the box and wants to send it. Please email me.

Maybe my memory is so faulty because I'm so tired.

I need some of these blackout curtains.  Can someone please buy me some.

And since I'm already over at the Bed Bath Store.  I might as well show you this crib bedding.  My favorite is the cheetah.  Wow!  Isn't that super cute.  Look at the prices on these.  DOABLE.  Ashlea?

And look at the kids bedding!!!  I'm thinking about getting everyone new beds and bedding for Christmas and the quilts are lovely.  I love the flowers for Hannah and the ladybug.  Anyone know where to get cheap, cute beds?

Well I didn't mean to get carried away shopping on my weight loss post.  But anyway, let's thank Bed Bath Store for sponsoring this post by clicking on those links and having a look around...and buying something.  Just sayin'.

Now, get those weights into me.  We are almost done.


Carrie said...

IKEA has cute and inexpensive beds. Don't know if there is one close to you or not. They do have a website as well. Had we not gotten a crib from a neighbor, we would have probably gotten our crib from there. Might be where we get our second crib next February, if we don't find another one somewhere for less. Craigslist might also be an option for something inexpensive?.

[johannah.] said...


Carolyn said...

I am staying the same at 179