Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Good bye Grandpa Doyle Cabaniss

Today's blog post is dedicated to my Grandpa Doyle.  This is my dad's dad.  He passed away yesterday.  He was 93 years old.

Can you imagine living that long? The internet bamboozled him.

He bought Ashlea a computer and every time he saw her he said to her:

"How's that computer?  Is it getting internet?  Don't get a virus."

And that was the extent of his computer knowledge.

He was old school.  He grew up in a time when you didn't show up anywhere empty handed.  And he didn't.  He grew a garden for as long as I can remember.  He used it for presents.  Whenever he came over for dinner he'd bring tomatoes, onions (I have a cousin who was overrun with onions one summer), rhubarb, okra, squash.  You name it.

I had my wedding in July.  My Grandpa came to celebrate with us.  Even though I was leaving for my honeymoon THAT night, my Grandpa brought me a basket of produce.  I still laugh about that.  I sent it home with my in laws.  Seriously?   Who brings produce to a wedding?  Only Grandpa.

Update:  My aunt just sent this to me.  From my wedding, obviously.

Speaking of weddings, here is a beautiful picture of my cousin (remember the onions) on her wedding day.  Adeline, did you get produce?  Look at him in his suit.  Wasn't he cute?

Speaking of suits. I'm sure he had that suit from his own wedding because the man never grew.

See here:

That's my dad second from the left.

Yup, exactly the same size. He looks happy, right? Kidding.  I'm sure that's the shock from another baby keep him up all night.

He had six kids, 13 grandkids, 16 great grandkids, one great, great grand kid on the way.  (Most of those mine.  Ahem.) 

He fought hard for our country in World War 2.  He loved to regale anyone who would listen with his war stories.  I would tell some if I thought I could do them justice. Maybe some of my aunts and uncles will post to the comments some they remember.

He was obsessed with weight.  Which is weird because he weighed like 30 lbs with all his clothes on including his hat, which he always wore.

He noticed whenever anyone gained weight.  One time, when I was about 20ish, I had put on about ten pounds, which put me up to about 110.  NO ONE could have noticed I had put on weight. He told me I was eating good.  Oh, Grandpa.  I won't mention the name of the cousin who was told he needed a man bra.
After I had Asa I was afraid to eat in front of him....because I HAD put on weight.

Update:   Jennifer (an old family friend) mentioned how proud Grandpa was to still be able to fit into his uniform.  Tis true!  Here is a newspaper clipping, sent to me by his niece, in his uniform.


But he was a good grandpa.  He kept everything.  Newspaper clippings, pictures, letters, memories.  The man remembered everything.  The day my Grandma died he showed me a love letter she had written him when he was in the war.  When he would see me he would give me something he had saved; a picture from when I was a baby, a newspaper copy from Ashlea in the stick horse race, a clipping from my first place days in drama (just had to brag).

I'm going to miss him.

He will be missed.


Lisa said...

Your Granddad was a wonderful and special man! I still remember a few years back. He laughingly told me, "Your Italian side is showing in you, and boy have you gained weight!" I too was afraid to eat in front of him, but he regaled me with stories of Germany, and as a BIG history buff I absorbed it just as fast as he shared his experiences with me. I will always hold a special place in my heart for him. Hugs to you and your family, and thank you for sharing him with us today.

Ashlea said...

Hey probably gave me that newspaper clipping from the stick horse race 15 times.

Jennifer said...

I don't think I ever saw him without his WWII Vet hat. I never had the chance to see him in the parade with his uniform on, but I know that that was one of his prides...being able to still fit in his uniform. What a life he led and what a legacy he leaves. May God Bless your family with peace and comfort during the days and weeks ahead.

With much love and prayers,
Jennifer (Dotter)

Anonymous said...

My mom, Carol, said:

"He did love plants and flowers and knew the Latin names for them. Doyle taught me my love of plants. He took me when I was young to dig up saplings. And let me do the bedding plants every February."

Melissa said...

He must have been a blessed man to have lived so long! My thoughts are with you and your family.

brooke lynn said...

oh my very sweet.

Milburns' said...

He looks incredibly and adorably cute. I am so sorry for your loss. He seemed like such an amazing sweetheart of a man!!!

Marcy said...

What a sweet, sweet man Michelle!! I am sorry for your loss. I LOVE the photo of him with you on your wedding day!

Kara said...

Michelle, I am so sorry for your loss. I did not know him of course but he sounds like a wonderful man. If we can do anything for you guys let me know!!!