Friday, May 21, 2010

All joking aside

You guys know how I love to joke and kid around.  But sometimes the topic is serious.  Like today.  I need to talk to you about something really serious.

I hate to be heavy.  I know you guys come over here to relax and have fun.  So I'm sorry to do this to you.  But sometimes....

Sometimes we just have to talk about serious stuff.


Pooping in a restaurant. 

NO, not on the floor but in the bathroom.

WHY?  Why do people who are only going to be in a restaurant a maximum of an hour, but usually not even close to an hour, need to poop there?


WHY do I have to go in behind that person, with my appetite whetted by the smell of delicious food, only to smell...smell....well....poop.  POOP, people. POOP!


It's a restaurant.  GROSS.

Wait till you get home.  You'll be there in thirty minutes.  You can wait.  PLEASE.


My meal was ruined last night.

At least they pooped in the toilet.


Tara H. said...

My daughter is one of these people. If you think going in after them is bad...try being in there!

Noelle said...

I'm not laughing because this is serious...but I'm still kinda laughing. :)

Lena said...

Even when you are serious- you are still funny! lol.... Maybe the restaurant should make a sign on the bathroom door, that no pooping allowed, please take it home...:)

Trudy said...

I never got that either...just hold it!

L Harris said...


That's so funny! It's not serious!

You sound like my DH! But a little different. He can't poop anywhere BUT at home!