Friday, April 23, 2010

What do I do today? AKA Google Calendar

A while back I read on a blog about the Google calendar and decided to give it a try myself.  And NOW, I LOVE it and use it for everything.

Here is a brief tutorial.

First, as you can see, you can have different colored labels for different types of reminders.

I have green for laundry.
Pink for activities (things we'll be doing or going to).
I have yellow for meals.
I have salmon for my blog.
They have holidays set as blue.

While that's all I have set, you could literally use this for anything.

Click on the time you want to record something.  A tiny box will pop up and you can type what you need to remember.  At the bottom of that box is a calendar drop down box where you can change the colors (it will say launrdy, activities, meals, blog; or whatever you've chosen).  Then if there are additional things you'd like to add, just click edit even details.

If you click directly on the title of that day's events (or if you click edit details while you are making that event) it will take you into this screen.  You'll see here I have some ideas for a blog article I have coming up.  I not only planned out what I would do on that day but what I would write about.  (Don't forget to click save.)

You can easily have them repeat in this screen and have a reminder sent to your inbox or a reminder pop up, as often as you like.  I have found I don't really need that, as I check my calendar pretty often.

As you can see here you can have one event take up the entire day.  It's REALLY easy to do.  At the bottom of the event are two lines.  If you'll put your pointer over those it will turn into an arrow to drag them down.

I like that if you have two events at the same time it divides the area in half.

I also like that I can record everything here.

You can import friends calendars and do a search for something specific.

If I had an Iphone I would want it to sync up to that...and I'm sure it does.

So tell me, have you known about this?  I JUST found out.

Do you use it?  Do you have any neat tips you can give us?

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Milburns' said...

LOVE this calender!!! MUCH like the one I color by hand at home!!! But SO much easier! Thanks! Can't wait to get started with it!

Kara said...

We've started using gmail at work and the google calendar with it. I love it!!! It's great so far. You can also link in (like on our network) and share your calendar with others. It's super cool!!! Glad you are enjoying it.

Nessa said...

I use the Google calendar - and I have made multiple calendars within Google. One fore my schedule and one for my husbands. Then you can select both calendars at one time and the lay over one another so you can see your schedules separately or together.

Kelly said...

I use google calender. It syncs to my Blackberry. Very useful.

Luschka said...

I've been using G-calendar for a long time, but have always been annoyed that I can't colour code things. It must be version specific, because I sstill don't seem to be able to colour the different types of events. Hopefully they'll release that option here too!

Luschka said...

Actually, let me rephrase the problem - I can get the different colours, but can only sync ONE calendar to my BB, so half my 'appointments' dont show up!