Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Book Reviews: Spiced (with giveaway) and Eat, Pray, Love

I tried to love this book, I really did. It started off so good.  "I wish Giovanni would kiss me...".

She has this witty writing style that draws you in.

Her exploits were funny or endearing or just plain sad.

BUT I could not get into this book.

I made it to the pray part and just gave up.  Maybe it was because she was in an Ashram mediating for hours all day.  I actually think she lost me before that.  And I really wanted to find out who she loves.

But man, the food was good.

So when Penguin books offered to send me a copy of another book about food, I wondered if I'd like it, or if I would struggle through it too.


Dalia knows how to spin a tail.

I wont give you the synopsis of the book, you know me, I like to make you work.  Not really, you can read that at Amazon.

I loved how she described the food.  I could taste it.  Like when I licked the page.  Kidding, just kidding.  I didn't lick the page, I ate it. 

I think my favorite job that she had was at Martha Stewart living.  I wanted her to stay there forever.  But evidently chefs have wanderlust because even though she had that amazing job, she moved on.

She worked at several big name restaurants, although I've never heard of them.  But the food always sounded good.  And the after hours parties were enthralling. The back room talk. The pastries.  The burns! Oh, the burns.  Who knew chefs could get burned so bad?

And WAIT!  Jodie Foster is gay????

At Dalia's recommendation I want to watch Top Chef.  She declares it is the ONLY cooking show on TV like a real cook's kitchen in a restaurant.  And don't even ask about Rachel Rae. (You won't like what she has to say.  But hey, I like Rachael. She's perky.)

I pretty much stayed hungry for molten lava cake. (You'll have to read the book.)

The book was quick paced, just like the cooking business, and my house.  And also like my house, you never knew what was going to happen next.  Oddly enough, I found myself on the edge of my seat a few times.

I had no problem reading this book...the language was easy, the imagery was amazing, and I was done in a couple days.

The best part.  I have a copy to giveaway.  YEAH, you!  You'll love this book. (Giveaway open until next Wednesday, April 28.)

One word of caution:  This book is NOT G. She does talk about some affairs she had but does NOT go into detail.  I can appreciate that in a book. There is some language too.  (But it's just her repeating what others have said.)  It's worth the read!

To win a copy:

  1. Leave a comment.
  2. Tell me a book that you've recently read that I should read.
  3. Give me something.  (Just kidding)
  4. Fan me on Facebook, or the stupid like thing that I don't get.
  5. Make me some pastries.  Low fat, please.
  6. Tell me what channel Top Chef comes on and what you think about it.


Nessa said...

I hate when you look forward to reading a book - and then it doesn't measure up. I would live to read a great book.

I am looking forward right now to reading "My Life in France" by Julia Child.... I hope it is worth the anticipation...

Yara said...

I just finished Knit Two (sequel to Friday Night Knitting Club)
love it! I can PBS it to you if you want. Um. I don't think I still have the first one.
You gotta read em!
Now- give me that book about food.

Kara said...

1. Here is your comment.
2. I am currently reading "Splash the Living Water" by Esther Burroughs. You WILL borrow it when I'm done.
3. I was part in giving you the blue back pack from the retreat.
4. I'm your BIGGEST fan!!
5. I will make something yummy, but more than likely, high fat..
6. I have Dish and I don't know what the channel is... but my husband records Survivor for you. Does that count?

Carolyn said...

Unfortunately cupcakes don't ship well and are high in fat. I am currently reading Water for Elephants. It's good but can be very graphic at times. Next up is More than one Angel. I am told it's wonderfuland heard the author speak at church a few weeks ago. I am already a facebook fan!