Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beadworks by Marcy Review and Giveaway

I won this ring from a friend of mine who recently started making jewelry.  I had previously bought one for my daughter and I loved it.  So I was thrilled to try out my own.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how much she had improved in just a few months.

What I LOVE about my ring:

  • the band is actually pieces of metal twisted around
  • it's quite comfortable
  • it's unique
What I don't like:

  • the pearl is weird shaped (well, it is...I know Marcy didn't grow it herself....or did she?)

Here I am modeling it.  Wow, my hands look old.  Lotion, anybody.  And don't even dare comment on the polish.  Kati did it.

Just the one globby hand.  Whadya gonna do?

But you want to know how to win one of these pretty rings for yourself, don't you?  Giveaway ends next Tuesday, April 27, 2010.

Well it's easy.

  1. Leave a comment.  Tell me anything.  How beautiful I am, what great kids I have, how I manage to remain so patient and loving in the midst of, well, in the midst of SIX kids and a cat who won't stay out of the house...or OOOHHH!  How skinny I am.  (You win!)
  2. Visit Marcy's Etsy and tell me what you like.
  3. Fan her on Facebook.
  4. Cotton Eyed Joe (just checking to see if you were actually reading this)
  5. Do any of those Twitter, Facebook or favoriting things on Etsy that people like you to do.


Marcy said...

Okay, so in defense of the shape of the pearl, it is a freshwater pearl, not an ocean pearl. And freshwater pearls are "imperfect" and irregular shaped, that is what makes them so unique and fun! :)

Kelly said...

You are beautifully skinny ;D

Noelle said...

Here's my comment... :) And it's sincere: beauty isn't about being fat or skinny...it's about having a good heart...a person with a good heart is beautiful in my book...you fit that category!

Kara said...

Love this ring! I have wanted a pearl ring for as long as I can remember.
P.S. It makes me sad to see that you've had almost 40,000 visitors and I've had like 38. LOL!! What's up with that?

Jenilee said...

i like this ring more than my wedding ring (so sad. I can't believe i just said that!)
i bet your excited to be a grandma! boy or girl?

Jenilee said...

the fresh water pearl ring is beautiful. it would match my pearl necklace perfectly!

Jenilee said...

and im a facebook fan now too..