Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Checklist for boys

Scratches and band aids on BIG ol' feet.

Ball playing with Daddy.

Must always eat dirt, especially since he never eats breakfast.

Droopy drawers.

Catching insects. (Look closely...click on picture to see better.)

Playing in the dirt.

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Stephanie Faris said...

So cute! Droopy drawers are part of the dress code at that age, aren't they?

Tara H. said...

He is soooo cute Michelle! Wish I had one!

Trudy said...

Good thing for Asa that he's the only boy and has LOTS of dirt to play in, LOL!

Very cute pictures, love the first one!

Rachel said...

I found you from the comment you left on my guest post for Franklin Goose...we do have a lot in common! Im you newest follower!

Kelly said...

What are you doing letting him that close to that bug? That looks like a wasp!

Melanie said...

Did that wasp sting him?

Yara said...

Really Michelle? letting him play with stinging bugs?
Oh my!
I'd have freaked out!
Loved the pictures though!!
did you take them all?
and- K's diapers never droop : P

Melissa said...

Awww...little boys are so cute!

Mom's Place said...

LOVE the saggy bum!!!!! He's a cutie!