Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Biggest Loser Challenge 1

Today is day three of the Biggest Loser and we currently have ten players.

Meet the contestants.

Me.  You know me.  Cute, witty, amazing Michelle. What's to be said?

Kelly 1.  Mom, sweet friend, great blogger, my go-to girl. 

Kelly 2.  Student, mom, kind person

Nicky.  (Who doesn't have a blog that I know of.)  Sweet spirit, great wife and mom.

Christy. Navy mom to a house full of kids, so generous. 

Jill.  Cute as a button with wonderful kids and a clean house.

Jennifer. Nice, great mom, generous person.

Amy.  Great friend, fabulous maker of all things.

Tara.  Wears her heart on her sleeve, funny.

Alyeen.  Mom to many, birth advocate.

If you want to play, it's not too late to join.  Just send me your weight!  And if you are trying to win the exercise ball could you please email me your points total. I lost count.  Sorry! 

If you have a blog or Etsy shop that isn't listed here (Amy?) could you please forward that to me and I will add it.

How is everyone doing?  Great, poor, addicted to sugar?  Anyone, anyone?

Let's talk about things that help you with your weight loss; tips, if you will.

  • Write everything down.  I know it's time consuming but you just don't realize how much you put in your mouth and how many calories it is, unless you write it down.  Spark People has an online notebook.  I know there are others. 
  • Drink cold water.  It helps you to feel fuller.  AND, drum roll please, cold water can help you to lose 50-100 calories a day.  Just by drinking.  Fill 'er up, sir.
  • Have a cheat meal or day.  Work hard all week but look forward to a day when you can have a soda and some cheesecake, or go eat Mexican with your two best girlfriends (anyone, anyone?).  Don't feel bad about that.  Bob from the Biggest Loser even recommends it.

So what about you?  Share your tips with us!

Today's challenge:


The person who does the most push-ups is safe from elimination.  Just kidding. NO, you don't win anything other than knowing you beat us.

You can do the push-ups any style you like. The person who does the most push-ups ALL DAY LONG, wins. That's it.  Push before you pee, hey, push up while you pee.  Push up when you get your water, when you go to your car, tonight at church.  PLEASE take a picture of that for me.  Push-up.

Good luck, losers.


Kelly said...

you are so funny!

I have not been on her since sometime last week! Just a quick happy Easter on Sunday. I will post my pictures hopefully tonight but sometime this week.

Christy said...

push ups REALL!!?? ughhh i hate push ups lol! and i have to keep count?? do i post on here my grand total of the day?? or do i blog about it? and is the writing everything i eat part of the contest and need to be wrote down ?

Michelle said...

Christy, keep a running tally of all your push ups today. then email me when you are done. I'll announce the winner tomorrow.

the others were just tips.

MCMFamily said...

I wanted to join your weight loss program. I am 5'5 3/4 and 136 pounds and I am breastfeeding exsculsivley so they wont let me join sparkpeople either. I wanted to lose about 12-15 pounds to get back to my pre pregnancy weight. Kelly said to leave you a comment so I am!! My name is Mary and I am a sahm (by Gods grace!) to 2 little girls age 3 and almost 5 months.

Mom's Place said...

I would LOVE to play along! But I think I would forget to do a lot! Got to love readying a house to sell.....maybe you could email me reminders or something?

BlessedMamaofMany said...

ONE HUNDRED!!! I did one hundred push-ups!!! YAY ME! My son just coached me on the last 65 of them!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Need all the tips I can get....Your blog just makes me smile....