Monday, April 5, 2010

Blog Stew-So meaty!

Well as boring as this may be to you I have to post the day after Easter pictures.  OOOHHHH!  The moans go up everywhere.  But I do have family who reads my blog and they will want to see my cute kids.  But just skim down past them, as you think to yourself how lucky I am to have such beautiful children, and get on to the rest of the post.

Now, in no particular order:

Kori: the sun is in my eyes.  Even thought it really isn't.

Millicent:  As always making faces for pictures because she knows how much mom loves that.  Total sarcasm.

Kati:  And yes, I brushed her hair this morning.

Jerusha:  I know the headband doesn't match but she has a weird head.

Asa:  He didn't want his picture taken.  Let's try that again.

Let's try that again.

One more time?

Oh, never mind.

Are you ready for the Biggest Loser?  

We have eight contestants.  A contestant donated a $20 gift certificate to the Biggest Loser store.  So we are up to $25 for the pot.  (Don't forget to shop through my Amazon portal over there on the left, Books I've read, as I will be put the proceeds in the pot this month.) 

If you played last week in earning points, could you send me your point tally today?  Thank you very much.  You can still earn points to earn the exercise ball...just read the post Biggest Loser post to get entered. But I think we'll leave the points there...I figured out it's much too hard to keep up with them. SORRY!

It's not too late to play either.  At any time in the next 12 weeks you can join us.  Don't be shy.

As we go through our weight loss journey together I will be using The Biggest Loser book for advice and tips.

Today our goal is to think about why we want to lose weight.  What is our motivation?

Is it to:

be healthier
improve your physical appearance
look great in clothes
be fitter
stop having life revolve around food
have better relationships
or something else all together

Let us know in the comments section.

Happy losing.

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Melissa said...

Great family photos!

Michelle said...

My MAIN reason is to look better, I'll admit it. I'd love to tell you I'm concerned about my health, but no, not really.

Secondly, I'd like to wear all the small clothes in my closet and buy new ones. I want to look cute. And big clothes arent cute...I have this tiny frame and they dont make big clothes for tiny frames. It never looks good.

I want my husband to look at me and REALLY think I'm beautiful.

Lastly, I want to lower my blood pressure and be healthy. Okay, it made the list after all.

Yara said...

Ahem- I am sure your husband looks at you & REALLY THINKS YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL. (you have all those kids to help make my point!)

Anyway- love the pictures. Did you see mine? Cuz you didnt comment : (

Losing weight- I wanna play, but I can't right now. I have too much going on. Gotta move soon (so pray on that) and then I can unpack & focuz on losing weight so I can
--look better
--wear smaller clothes
(did you see how fat I am in those easter pictures? ugh!)
-- being thinner totally improves my self esteem (so did driving a fancy car, but that didnt last long, darn it. SO I better lose weight to feel good)

Kmama said...

LOL at Asa. That's exactly how my Buster is with the camera. When I pull it out, he'll cry and say, "No smile!".

Mammatalk said...

Your little guys are adorable in their Easter best!

Kim said...

Your family is beautiful! I love their Easter outfits and I love seeing the photos! I hope you guys had a wonderful Easter! :)

BlessedMamaofMany said...

Such lovely pics!! I love reading your blog and seeing your family! I am in the BL to lose weight to be HEALTHY!!!

Kelly said...

Beautiful Easter pics!

I want to lose weight so I can be skinny. I want to look good and wear smaller clothes.

I'm already healthy with no health problems. Yup, I'm a fat healthy person.

Mom's Place said...

Love the pictures!!! But.....aren't you missing Ashlea?

Carolyn said...

I want to lose weight to feel better about myself. I hate the way I lok and how my clothes fit. I also want to be healthier before I get pregnant again. Hopefully I won't have to worry about gestational diabetes again.