Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Biggest Loser Explained

According to my husband yesterdays post may have been a little confusing.  So I got up early on my Saturday morning when I usually sleep late....okay, that's a lie.  I never get to sleep late and I always get up early.  Except today, where I got to sleep in.

Here's the deal.  There are two ways to win the Biggest Loser.

The first way is to lose the most percentage off your weight at the end of the 12 weeks.

The other, completely different, NOT related way to win, is to have the most points at the end of the 12 weeks.

You could win one or both...or more likely, I'll smoke you.

So far I have contributed two $5 gift certificates from my Swagbucks earnings, one for each contest.  I KNOW that will motivate me to win.  When I'm thinking of eating that huge Toblerone candy bar that my husband brought back from Denmark for us to share as a family because his dad always brought them back when he went to Europe maybe knowing that I'm going to lose $5 will motivate me not to eat it although I don't know why I think that because it didn't stop me yesterday.  But hey, you never know.

I also intend to have prizes along the way.  I already have a few sponsors offering us some prizes for the contest.

So are we all square now?

Yesterdays contest was for the ball. And while I want everyone to win the ball, I also want everyone to help me get the word out. So get the word out!  Please and thank you.  The more people who play, the harder we will work; the more motivated we will be to beat them; the bigger the pot will be (hopefully).

And...if you want to sweeten the pot, donate a gift certificate.

AND...any purchases through my Amazon portal (in April) I will donate to the pot.  So buy  through me...oh boy, I better win.

Now to run 12 miles.  Kidding, just kidding.  I'm going back to bed.


Helen said...

Hey Michelle!

I wonder if you even remember me, it's been so long since I've commented or even posted on my own blog, but this is Helen from Oddity of Oddities :D

I wanted to let you know that my blog has moved: there's a new url and a new email. This post should be coming from the new blog, but I can't be sure!

In any case, I hope everything is going well! The new url is and I hope you'll follow me there the way you did before :)

Happy Easter!!

BlessedMamaofMany said...

I will donate a $20 gift certificate to the Biggest Loser official website store!

Alyeen said...

K so I am entering your biggest loser competition. My starting weight is 240 as of the Doctor yesterday!