Monday, April 19, 2010

Who's the Biggest Loser this week? Amber, so far.

Hello Losers!  We've made it two weeks.  Have you been making smart changes?  Drinking cold water, moving in some small way?  Every thing you do now will help you in the long run. 

Today I want to talk about what keeps you from your weight loss goal.

For me, it's twofold.

As most (great) moms I put my childrens needs in front of my own.  Meaning, well, I know I'm not the only (fantastic) mom on here. So I think everyone understands.  I run until I'm ragged and don't always make the best choices.

The worst thing for me, the thing that causes the most weight gain, the one that causes me to make the bad choices is that I'm a stress eater.  When I'm sad or lonely or nervous or any of those emotions that are the opposite of happy, I eat.  I eat.  I eat.

I don't eat lettuce, people.  I eat candy bars, or pasta.  Oh, sweet pasta.  Okay, not sweet pasta, but you know what I mean.  Chocolate is sweet; pasta is salty, if it's good that is. Hopefully, the cook salted them really well before adding heaping spoons of cheese.  CHEESE!  I love cheese. Cheese by itself or with crackers or on bread.  BREAD!  OH, do I ever love bread.  FRESH bread or garlic bread or rolls or cheese bread.  CHEESE!

Okay, you get it.  I love food.  And as long as things are going well and no one is disobeying or crying or driving my crazy, so yeah, pretty much never, I eat right.  I have to make a conscious decision to make the right food choices.

The best way for me to make that decision is to only have healthy food in the house.

And that's today's tip for you.  Only have food in the house that is healthy.  I don't care what your husband likes. He likes you better thinner and healthier.  I don't care what your kids want.  They want you to be happy and feel pretty.  Don't even go there. Get that junky food out of the house.

Today I want everyone to remove at least one item out of their house that they KNOW is bad for them.

As always, I'm posting daily exercise challenges on my facebook fan page.  Check there daily and join us.  It's really fun and motivating.

I'll be posting everyone's percentages as they roll in.  So get those weights to me...even if you gained.  (I won't post the gains.)

Amber         2.50%
Emily           1.83%
Kelly           1.12%
Amy             .56%
Me               .54%

So what about you?  What destroys, or hinders, your weight loss efforts.  And no, don't tell me food, silly.


Mom's Place said...

fresh fruit and veggies laying around = good

pot lucks = bad!!

I ditched the church pot luck yesterday, mostly because I wanted to go home and call my hubby...don't like doing things like that with all the kiddos by myself.

Twisted Cinderella said...

My weight loss efforts are hindered by stress and budget issues. It would be easier to eat healthy if good food was as cheap as bad food is.

Kelly said...

Cheesy rice. It's all Yara's fault too. I never even thought of putting cheese in rice before. I was fine with just butter. But NOOOO here comes Yara with her cheese and cilantro in her rice, talking about how good and yummy it is. Now I can't have rice or cheese in the house, b/c I'll just keep eating it until it's all gone. So THANKS A LOT YARA! You're the reason I'm FAT! (you know I'm just kidding with you. <3 you bunches!)