Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Your questions answered, again.

Today I'm going to answer more questions...some you've asked and some you didn't know you asked.  Those are just for my entertainment.  You know what I mean.  The rhetorical questions that you didn't actually expect me to answer but I'm using to make my post fun.  So be careful what you ask...or don't ask, in this case.  But do ask!


How did you know you had high blood pressure with Asa?

Even though we UC that doesn't mean we don't get medical care.  Okay, well yes it does.  But it doesn't mean we don't DO our own medical care; it's called UP, unassisted pregnancy.  I knew I had  high blood pressure because we were checking it. I knew I had preeclampsia because I was checking my protein. 

What if you go to nearly 42 weeks and not go into labor and the only thing to do would be induction? Would you keep waiting?

I have soooooo much to say about this. I'll try to keep it short.  Who am I kidding?

Due dates are an estimate.  They are not an actual due date.  Like, okay, chickens done.  No, it's more like  a guideline...the baby MAY or may not come by this date.

I usually know the EXACT date I conceived.  I realize everyone may not keep up with their cycles as well as I do. In which case a due date may be helpful.  But when you know the date you conceived you will deliver very close to your due date, IF you are someone who has 40 week pregnancies.

Which leads me to my next point.  Everyone doesn't have 40 week pregnancies.  Did you know there are actual women who go over EVERY SINGLE TIME no matter what. Poor Kim is STILL pregnant and well over a week due now.  But every pregnancy is that way for her.  Mine are almost exactly 40 weeks, within a day or two of my due date...based on my ovulation date, and not my last menstrual.

So, whew, all that to say, 42 weeks would mean much of nothing to me.

I don't want to be induced.  And going post dates is NOT a medical reason to be induced.  Inductions can cause so many unnecessary problems and often lead to csections. 

So, is the baby underwater while you are crowning?

Yes, the baby and me are under water.  Wait, I'm not under water.  I mean, "me", that part of me that makes the baby under water.

Are you ever worried about the baby drowning? 

No, for two reasons.

One, is that the baby does not take it's first breath until it hits the air.  So we lift it out of the water knowing it isn't breathing yet.

And two, babies have an inborn ability to swim under water.   I keep wanting to drop one in the bathtub when I'm taking a bath with them and see what happens.

I think it is really cool what you do, but there is no way I could do it! What faith you must have in Jeff and God. That is really beautiful. I am not sure I trust anyone or anything that much. I have learned not to!!!!! Good for you!

I do trust Jeff completely. You are right, I would have to.  I trust him and God. I'm one of those rare people who just don't worry about things.  My faith is really strong.  That is why all the fear in my pregnancy was so strange to me, because I just don't worry.  Whatever happens is God's plan for my life anyway, so why worry.  I know Jeff will take care of me and do the best for ME. I know he's thinking of my comfort and safety the entire time.

But when you give birth in the hospital you are trusting the doctor.  I just tend to trust my husband more than a doctor. That doctor, I hate to say this, but feel free to disagree, is looking out for himself. He's going to make choices that may not be best for you because he doesn't want to get sued.  Jeff, or your husband, or midwife (generally) are only going to do what is BEST for you and the baby because they are accountable to you.

What were you wearing in the birth pool? Is that a bathing suit top or just a shirt?

I was wearing the bathing suit I bought for vacation.  I bought it knowing I would wear the top to deliver in.  RIGHT NOW they are on clearance at Motherhood stores. There are none left online though. I checked for you.  And it was VERY comfortable and covered me well.

He must have had those printed because where would you find all those bumper stickers?  [In reference to the weird guy with all the bumper stickers on his car  How do I know it's a could be some strange cat lady?  I just got the weird guy vibe.  Don't you?]

You aren't from Oklahoma, are you?  They can all be found in Redneckville. But why would someone put them ALL on their car?  That's the better question.


Nikki said...

Wow that is beautiful reading about your faith in God and your husband and also about your natural water birth. My husband and I are planning later in the year to start TTC, and we are thinking we want to go with water birth. thanks for all the great info:) You have such a gorgeous family!

Tara H. said...

LOL! the bumper stickers!!!! I have to admit, I have not lived in OK for some time now and have not seen teh car covered in bumper stickers until I came home!!!! Redneckville....isn't that located, well, almost every town in OK?!!!!!!
Hope all is well with you all. Miss everyone.

Lisa Anne said...

I think i want to have a baby now!

LivinginLilliput said...

That was great to read!
I am like you. This will be my 6th unassisted birth and I trust my dh and Elohim much more than a dr. I leave my birth in His hands. What better place is there, really??

I also birth in water but I do so in my b-day suit! :):)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I never thought about having JDaniel underwater. It sound like it went so well.

My friend Shannon uses a sewing machine to sew on the patches she makes. She is thinking of starting an Etsy store. I think she would do well.

Kelly said...

"I keep wanting to drop one in the bathtub when I'm taking a bath with them and see what happens."

LOL I always want to do that too! So glad to know I'm not the only one.

MamaOtwins+1 said...

Such a beautiful post - I thought about underwater birthing, but the dh couldn't get his mind around it.

Luschka said...

Waterbirth was the most magical, beautiful moment of my whole life. I am still in awe of how amazing it was. I wore a silky nighty though, because I wanted to be able to show the pictures to people afterwards. I had such innate trust and faith and belief that it was going to go 'right' that the thought of not being able to show the pictures to close friends and family after never even occured to me! lol - it's here, if you'd like to see:

And I couldn't agree more - a doctor almost cost me my unborn child's life at 5 months. I don't trust them to have my best interest at heart at all.