Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Interview with...another UCer

I said I'd have an interview yesterday but I didn't quite get it up. I will have my birth story written this week and my Survivor review.

Don't forget to ask me any burning questions about my life, my children, cloth diapers, baby wearing, birth, or anything you want to know or have been wondering...any advice or help you need. I'm ready.

Today my interview is with a good friend of mine, Kim.

Kim how many children do you have?

Eric is 13. He was my Csection for being frank breech at 39 weeks.

Our angel son would be almost nine. He was born via VBAC (induced) at 37 weeks, 6 days, in a hospital. [They lost their son in a rare crib accident.]

Sierra is almost seven. She was born via VBAC (induced) at 40 weeks, 3 days, in a hospital.

Goshua is five and a half. He was born via UBAC (daddy caught) at 41 weeks, 6 days, at home.

Cayden is almost three. He was born via UBAC (daddy caught) at 41 weeks, 3 days, at home.

I know you've had two (mostly) unplanned UC's. Can you tell us about those?

My first homebirth was with Goshua in 2004. We traveled 45 minutes to visit a midwife who was going to deliver our baby at home. We never imagined that I would labor so fast and so furious that the midwife would not have time to make it.

I was 41 weeks, 6 days and the day was like any other day of the past three weeks. Lots of prodromal labor with back ache, pelvic cramps and pressure.

Nothing unusual at all was happening, that I could tell. I went to the bathroom and had just walked out of the bathroom and felt I needed to go back. Which again, wasn't abnormal to me by this point. I got about half way down to sit on the toilet and this gush of water came out. I knew my water had broken, so I called my husband, who was at work, literally five minutes up the road from our home. We both figured we still had plenty of time and he said he would help finish loading the truck and be home.

I hung up and stood up from the toilet. Immediately the contractions went from cramps to full blown...you can hardly move, let alone walk or talk, contractions. Something overtook me and told me GET UPSTAIRS (where we planned to birth in our bedroom). However I could not walk upright, so I bear crawled up the steps on my hands and feet. By the time I made it up the steps I was screaming with each contraction and I could not get control of them.

About this time, a whole 20 minutes later, my husband showed up and called the midwife for me. We still were clueless that we were so close to delivery. The midwife said she would be on her way in about 20 minutes. She had to get everything ready and would be on the road.

By this time I could hardly stand. I was leaning my upper body on my bed, supporting myself with my elbows, and I was rocking with the contractions with my hips. I screamed at my husband to help me get on the bed, as my legs were going to give because they were shaking violently. I climbed on the bed and stayed on hands and knees with my husbands help.

About that time he asks if I was pushing?? I told him I didn't think so, not realizing I was doing so without any effort.

He says, "I see the head. NOW WHAT?"

I said, "Well catch. Don't let it fall."

A few more pushes and out pops the head. Boy was that the most relieving thing ever. Next push the baby releases from my body and there is our baby. My husband suctions the nose and mouth and again the nose, and we hear the sweet peaceful cry of our baby. This all happened within 45 minutes of my water breaking!! The midwife didn't make it until almost an hour after the baby was born. At which time we cut the cord and she cleaned us up, as well as doing assessments. Our little boy was 9 lbs 3 ozs and 20 1/4 inches long.

Our second homebirth wasn't quite as shocking or surprising and much more calm and collected. We did have a friend who had medical training who was going to be with us. She was there for moral support and to help assess baby and I, as well as help clean up and so forth. However much like our last birth she never made it. She lived about 40 minutes away. My water broke and 45 minutes later we had our second wonderful unassisted homebirth. I was 41 weeks, 3 days and our little one was 7 lbs 4 ozs and 20 1/2 inches. Again when our friend did arrive she helped tie and cut the cord and clean up.

What did you like about having your UC's vs going to the hospital?

In the hospitals I was required to have epidurals "just in case" I had to have a Csection. I was also required to have IVs and be induced to avoid a "big baby". At home I am allowed to labor the way my body and God intended. I am allowed to wait to cut the cord. I am able to snuggle and cuddle with my baby and nurse baby without interruptions. My children are able to all be there to watch if they choose.

You are due any day now, right? What are you doing to prepare for this birth?

I am due 2/21/10. I am pretty much prepared for this birth. We already have our birth kit. I am making a few meals to freeze for the days following baby's birth. I am also making cloth diapers for the baby to use. Other than that we aren't doing a whole lot of prepping.

What are your plans for the birth with this baby?

We are using a homebirth midwife with this baby. However she will be very much hands off with this birth. She is here for more of the "in case" something goes wrong, moral support and to help with the cord cutting, baby assessment and mom assessment. Also with my husband's job now he works 45 minutes away and the midwife is only 20 minutes away. So most likely, unless I go into labor in the evening or weekend, my husband will not make the birth. That is assuming my birth this time is like my last two. If my husband is not home for the birth I want help from the midwife in delivering the baby.

How are you feeling?

I am feeling ready to meet this new wee one. I am having prodromal labor, my back aches and, of course, the pelvic pressure is getting bad. But all in all I can't truly complain of it being too terrible for being 39 weeks pregnant.

What are you most looking forward to in terms of the birth? Least?

I am so looking forward to meeting this new one. To watch my children get to know their new sibling. To get to nurse this precious child.

I think the thing I look forward to the least is how fast and furious my contractions come. I wish I was better able to get on top of them and deal with them. But I guess that comes with having such fast labors.

How did you get your husband on board for a homebirth? What would you recommend to another woman in terms of that?

My husband was already unhappy with my first hospital VBAC. Being induced, or well they called it augmented, in labor, though I am pretty sure it was false labor. They broke my water and pumped me full of pitocin and stuck me six times trying to get an epidural to work properly. My husband had to burst into the room to keep them from sticking me again for an epidural. I told them no more after the fifth and they stuck me another time anyways.

We also had a horrible experience with one nurse who gave me grief about nursing our son because he had jaundice and said they would just bottle feed him. My daughter's VBAC, though it went okay, I have no memories of anything terrible that went wrong. We left after 24 hours against medical advice when I had her.

We both just did not feel anymore hospital births were for us. But my husband was super, super nervous and worried about a birth at home. He had heard so many of the typical fears and horror stories and so forth. But I just shared articles I read with him, we watched some homebirth shows and we also interviewed the midwife. Talking to the midwife and hearing her back up all the info I gave him is what finally put him at ease. I would highly recommend the same things to any other woman. The Business of Being Born is a good show to watch also. Knowledge is power and can definitely convince someone to change their views.

Kim makes awesome diapers. I've had some through two children and they will easily last throuigh Juju. They are some of my favorites. Hmmm...maybe I am biased because all my favorite diapers come from my friends. Nope, I thought about it and my friends just make really good diapers. To see Kim's, visit here or join her facebook page.

Daddy with Goshua (left), Cayden (being held) and Sierra (right) within hours of Cayden's birth

Goshua about an hour after birth


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Kim's family and birth stories are beautiful. Kim, hope your latest blessing comes soon and just as smoothly as the last.

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What an awesome interview. Gives me hope :o)

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I love reading things like this! Did I tell you that this baby will be our 6th unassisted birth?? :)
Awesome interview!!:)

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I love reading all these stories and interviews. :)
Michelle, I have one question. I have read in several of your blog-posts that you don't cut the cord immediately and then in this interview they waited to cut the cord. What is the purpose in waiting? I'm really ignorant to childbirth but very interested to know.

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Great interview. It's so interesting to get to read about someone else, too!

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This was a wonderful interview...Thanks for sharing and your photos are preciious

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