Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Saint Patrick's Week...Join me.

Photo from last year
You know what I just read on another blog? You are suppose to do your holiday posts BEFORE the holiday.  Who would have thunk it?  Not I, said the fly.  I do them the week they are going on.  So this is St. Patty's week and do I have some fun stuff in store for my kids!

We start off with our shamrocks. I posted last year about our lucky/blessed shamrocks.  I printed off the Lucky sheet and the shamrocks from JesseKate Designs.

She's got a whole week of activities over there.  Just scroll down past the comments and click Newer.  YOu can see all she had planned last year.  Where are this years activities??? 

Today they will find their cereal already poured.  They will add milk and, what??  Green milk.  The trick is to put the green food coloring in the bowl, under the cereal and it's a big surprise. My kids love this stuff, and your kids will too.  We are going with rice krispies...a neutral color.

Their craft for today is a Leprechaun book where they fill in some of the words, making an adventure.  Truly the smaller kids will enjoy this more. 

You can find this book at Let's Explore.  It's all ready to print for you.

See, all these other people, they had this stuff ready to go on their blogs.  Making my search for fun activities quite a bit easier.  Thanks pals.

The second activity, more for the bigger girls, is to make a Leprechaun trap.  Oh yea, this should be fun.  I'm going to tease them all the time about a tiny little legrechaun running around causing havoc, like making their milk green.  We do this with a monkey in the flag pole.  Wait a minute. That's sounds naughty.  Trust me, it's not. It's just a joke.  So hopefully no one believes me.

You can find the instructions for this trap over at Family Fun

The assignment today is:
Write a poem about the color green.

Tell the poem to dad and he will tell them to make up a dance.

Present the dance to the family and win your reward.

Today's reward is green T shirt.


Morgan said...

Those are great ideas! I'd like to try the coloring under the cereal- the kids would get a kick out of that!

Around Valentine's Day, I made the kids pinkish/purple heart shaped pancakes. They thought that was great.

Yara said...

did you get my St Patricks Day ideas on Friday, on my newsletter?
If not, you can go look

I don't normally do anything for St Patricks Day- I can't even remember which day it is! (wednesday...17)

Kelly said...

I never post anything about holidays until the day after, or later. I really stink at that. Is JesseKate the same one that made the rainbow cake?