Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day activities

I can't claim all these ideas as my own. In fact, I wasn't going to do anything for St. Patrick's Day until I stumbled across Jesse Kate's blog. She had such fun stuff on her blog that I just couldn't help myself. Be sure to check her out each day.

The theme, of course, is lucky. Our family doesn't believe in luck and I didn't know how to change the pages to blessed, so we went with it. I reminded the girls there is no such thing as luck.

Sunday night I printed off the clovers and cut them, then printed the Lucky family page.

I put a clue on Monday for a scavenger hunt. At the end of the hunt they found out what we were going to do for St. Patrick's week; it included a craft. Yesterday's craft was painting a rainbow onto watercolor paper and then turning one beam into a glittery beam.

These are the clovers.
They are for writing blessings. Any time someone blesses you you write how on the clover. I told the girls they MUST do their siblings each day...I know, I sometimes have to MAKE them love each other. Sometimes I have to force them to think of how the other is nice to them...but that's a whole 'nother blog post.

Today they were so excited to find another set of clues that chores were finished in record time. The clue today led to...
T SHIRTS. All matching...yep, I dress 'em alike whenever I can.

Check out Jesse Kate's blog for our craft today. My girls are going to LOVE it!

We also had green eggs for breakfast. I just added diced spinach because, according to Jeff, adding green food color to eggs turns them grey.

There will be much better food as the week progresses.

It's not too late to enjoy this week with some fun ideas. Please come back and let me know if you have any crafts, ideas or games we can use.

Next week we are having our Spring Break. Check back for lots of fun ideas. (One of them is going to be an Egg Hunt, since we don't celebrate Easter.)


Yara said...

so in your next post will you remind us why you dont celebrate easter?

Kelly said...

Yes plese, I was wondering the same thing. Do you mean just the bunnies and candy part?

Tara H. said...

You know, that is funny...we don't believe in luck either. We always say we are blessed rather than lucky. Glad to see it is the same there.

I am jealous...I want to come to your house for holidays!!!!!

Michelle said...

Yes, I did. It's because we don't want the secular version of easter. what do bunnies have to do with the resurrection...or eggs. That stuff is fun though so we are going to have an eggy spring break.

do either of y'all do easter that way? with eggs and stuff?

come on over Tara. You are full of fun yourself...we'll have a great time!

Kelly said...

We do buy candy, but that's becuase I'm a junk food junkie. There is no Easter bunny though. We do egg hunts, but it's for fellowship and fun. And usually the candy and egg hunt are on saturday, because church is on Sunday. Church takes up pretty much all of our day on Sundays, and for something as important as the Ressurection, we are more than happy to devote the entire day to the Lord.

Ces said...

I love the clover blessings! Great idea!