Friday, March 12, 2010

And now, more answers

I've had a lot of questions about Ashlea but I was waiting until I could take a new maternity photo before I posted. I know she's going to love me talking about her on my blog, but hey, she got born into this family and everyone else ends up on here.  So here we go:

 She is soooo much bigger than this now.

How's Ashlea doing with the pregnancy?

Not so great.  Her back already hurts and her legs and feet hurt after a bath.  Don't ask me, I just pass the information on.

How far along is Ash and how old is she?

She is in her second trimester and is five months.

She is 18, but will be 19 when the baby comes.

When is she due?


Does she want to home birth also?

HA!  No.  It was something she thought about for (snaps fingers) that long.

When is Ashley's due date? Did she like the tea?

I don't remember her due date.  Late July.  You know how I am with due dates.  I don't know that she's drank the tea.  Ashlea, did you like the tea Yara got you?

(Yes I realize that someone already asked when she was due, but they didn't ask about the tea Yara sent.)

Is she going to stay there and have the baby?

 As you can see, here is paradise.

No, she's having the baby at a hospital. And she just moved in with a friend from church a few days ago.  So, no.

Is Jeff going to deliver hers too?

HA! Neither of them want either of them anywhere near "that" area. 

Is she excited?

She LOVES babies.  So yes, very excited.  I'm not sure she's calculated how much sleep she'll get each night (should I say, won't, get) or how often they need their diapers changed or how much throw up they actually have in them.  (She hates changing diapers and throw up.)

 What happened to dad?

We told him to go away. Kidding, just kidding.  He doesn't read my blog so I can talk bad about him.  Seriously, he seems really nice, but I don't know him that well.

While this isn't the path that the Bible lays down and we would have chosen for Ashlea to get married and THEN have a child, this baby is a blessing.  As are all children.  The father didn't expect this and neither did Ashlea.  But he is doing the right thing and is going to be a part of the babies life.  And they are trying to work things out.  We pray God's will in all things.  I hope I didn't say too much...or Ashlea will be mmmaaaadddd.

 How is she feeling?

Excited.  And achy.  And very, very hungry.

WOW, to be honest, it was scary at 27 having a baby with a man I wasn't married to.  I can't imagine at 18.  Is she ok?

Yes, she's okay.  A little scared, I'm sure.  But she's been around babies a lot and is a great big sister.  You can never be quite prepared for a new baby...especially your first.

Are y'all moving to Thailand?

That would be Singapore.  And it's 50/50 at this point.

Hey, where did your facebook go?

You won't believe this.  Someone hacked my account and started contacting all my friends telling them I was in London and was mugged.  All my money was stolen and we needed a way home.  Could they send money.  So one of my friends, thinking this was for real, gets the address and everything.  Before sending the money she called a mutual friend, who said, no way.  So she calls me and sure enough, SCAM. But really, it was quite funny.

THEN, they disabled my account and it all of a sudden became not so funny to me.

So, I tried to get them to enable it again.  It's like I never existed on Facebook.

I opened a new account and can't remember my password, because OF COURSE I tried to make it too hard to get hacked again.  Too hard for me to remember.  Even though I've tried a bazzilion times to reset my password they have yet to send me anything.

I miss everyone!  I just had a friend give birth and I can't see her baby. While another is about to pop any second.

Maybe baby will come in the early morning hours? 

Did it ever. Whew!  Four or three or something.  Who can remember these things with six kids?

Your daddy even got water back for you (or would that be Daddy as in heavenly Father?)

Yes, our heavenly father restored our water the day I gave birth to Jerusha.  That was a miracle and a sign to me that it was all going to be okay.

What?!?! Where is the post I blogged for you?! [Hannah]

I asked Hannah, during the ice storm, to post a poem for me.  She did...only she forgot to click publish.  So it got saved as a draft.  BOO!  Bad Hannah.  Okay, I'm sorry Hannah.  You are good. 

I dont know who took this picture but it's of Hannah and her beau


kara said...

Love your blog!
Love your advice!
Love LoVe LOVE you!!!
What day is Jeff coming home and how are you holding up?

Darcel said...

Wow! You have had a lot going on. Glad to read that everyone is doing well for the most part.

Kim said...

Congrats Grandma! I got pregnant at just a year older than your daughter (19 and had my son at 20) and babies really are simply put blessings! I'm sure that everything will work out just how it's supposed too. And it sounds like she is incredibly lucky to have a Mom like you to help her out and for her to lean on when things start to seem overwhelming! That has to be an old belly photo! I refuse to believe she is 5 months pregnant in it! :)

holly said...

Singapore??! Wha??

Rebecca Louise. said...

It sounds like she is going to make a fabulous Mum whatever the circumstance. It sounds like she has amazing family as well. I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well (with less back ache!) x x x

Collette said...

With love & support from loving people like you in the family, she will do just fine. (((HUGS)))

[johannah.] said...

I took that picture, silly! Three cheers for tripods.
Also. Thank you for the India ideas.
Also. You owe me...some random amount of money for babysitting/shooting. I don't really care. Lol.
Also. I saw you on my shoot today!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Wow, what a journey!!! I bet you're as excite/scared as she is! You'll be a great grandma!!! :)

Yara said...

First I was going to say, it looks like Hannah took that picture herself. But I have been busy & just saw this, so she beat me to it. But I was right.
Thanks for mentioning my newsletter. Tell people to sign up even if they are not in the area. Soon I plan to do cool giveaways- I'm thinking of kids movies at the moment. Because I'm just THAT nice. And gift cards. And books.
See... everyone should sign up. It's free.
For some reason I feel sad about you maybe moving to Singapore. Not like I will ever get to Oklahoma; but SIngapore requires passports & too many hours in a plane. Dude! You need to bring the kids to California before you move to another planet, er- country. Jeff owes you that, since he has traveled so much this year.