Thursday, February 11, 2010

Writer's workshop--A Christmas Eve to remember

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The Prompts:

1.) Write a mock interview with a celeb of your choosing. Take advantage of having the power to make it go however you dream.
2.) Describe your worst winter weather story.
3.) Tell us about that scar.
4.) A list of dos and don’ts.
5.) Write a poem to your love for Valentine’s Day. :)


Describe your worst winter weather story.

To all my faithful readers, you know this story. Sorry! But it was the only prompt I liked.

Living in this part of Oklahoma hasn't allowed for many snow days. Mill had her first snow about two years ago and you could hardly form a snowball. So when the blizzard hit, we had no idea what to expect.

Christmas Eve.

Jeff was at work. They announced about midway through the morning that everyone could go home due to deteriorating conditions. Jeff thought he would wait it out until after rest time so as not to wake up the babies. BIG MISTAKE!

I was here at home with said babies, emailing Jeff and asking if he was coming home soon. No sooner had I read his email that he was staying at work for a while that the internet went out. I couldn't email him back and tell him that the snow was coming down so hard and so fast that you couldn't even see.

I can't really tell this story from his point of view so if I get anything wrong I hope he chimes in in the comments.

He tried calling after a while but didn't get anyone. My phone, which is usual for me, was dead. I hadn't charged it. Ashlea had borrowed my charger and left it at a friends. No way to charge it. So basically, I was out here in the middle of nowhere, in a snow storm with no way to contact anyone and not enough seats to go anywhere. (As if I could leave the driveway with the snow blowing the way it was.)

Jeff tried to leave work but found himself unable to get the van unstuck from a snowdrift. A SNOWDRIFT. In Oklahoma! He began to worry about me, thinking maybe the reason he couldn't reach me by phone was because the electricity was out. OUT. And me very, very pregnant and due any day.

He was able to acquire a work truck and began driving towards home. The wind was crazy hard and the snow was still falling and you still couldn't see. The roads were HIGH with snow. He couldn't make it. He couldn't reach me to tell me he couldn't make it. And it was Christmas Eve.

We live on narrow country roads. They were impassable. But Jeff worried more and more the longer he went without speaking to me.

He drove to his parents to see if he could get some supplies and try again. The work vehicle got stuck down the road and his parents truck wouldn't make it out of the driveway. The snow was still coming....hours later.

Meanwhile, it was dark here. I love Christmas and didn't know when or if Jeff would be home. I was trying to keep the kids from worrying, but I began worrying myself. I knew Jeff wouldn't miss Christmas Eve because he knows how much I LOVE it. I knew that if he wasn't home, it was bad. I was getting worried about him.

He said he was willing to be stranded on the side of the road trying to get to us. Just so long as he tried.

Finally, after sitting here and worrying and worrying, beginning to think that maybe Jeff had had an accident, Ashlea went out to the car. She thought she might have left her car charger out there. She had! She charged her phone enough to call dad.

I don't get upset very often or very easily...and I NEVER worry. Seeing me worry really bothered her, I think.

Jeff and I were both so relieved to speak to one another. I started crying. He probably did too, but wouldn't admit it.

Once we knew we were safe (and I had electricity) we battened down the hatches and road out the storm.

Jeff made it home the next day. But that is not the end of the story.

We had Christmas a day late. So the day after Christmas, which was actually our Christmas night, we decided to make it into town for supplies.

We made it there and picked up snacks and milk, and even ran into our pastor doing the same for his family. EVERYONE was out picking up supplies. Two days snowed in will do that to you.

We had taken the highway out and it was clear, so we thought we'd try our back roads home. BIG MISTAKE!

We got stuck about two miles from home. Me, very pregnant and due any day now.

We walked. And walked. And, whew, walked all the way home.

We passed our only two neighbors, about a mile from home, but they weren't there. Jeff would have asked for a ride, had they been.

He was concerned I might fall on the ice so he walked ahead of me pointing out icy patches.

When we were about a half mile from the house I told him I couldn't go any further. So he RAN to the house and go the car to come back for me.

I thought about laying down on the road and telling him I had fallen. What a funny joke. But that would have entailed laying down and then getting up...and well...I was very pregnant and had just walked two miles in the freezing snow. Don't judge.

He didn't think that would have been a funny joke.

We made it home and he unstuck the truck after the sun came out the next day.

Then we had an ice storm that took out our electricity for a week.

Now it's snowing. I mean, right now, as I'm typing.

Here are Ashlea and Millicent enjoying the snow...and our neighbors...aka cows. The fields are what are nearby.

I like this picture because it looks like Asa is floating.

This is our porch. Asa LOVED the snow.


Kara said...

This has been the craziest winter that I have ever seen! I love it though. I know that the electricity being out for so long was very trying for some folks but I don't mind the "forced" family time.
By the way... I am THRILLED that it is snowing today!!! Yay, snow!!!

Trudy said...

Wow, that is really quite the Christmas story there! I'm glad all worked out well and you didn't end up having the baby in a frigid snowbank!

What a tale to tell though for years to come!

Tara H. said...

I was so worried about you all that night. When Jeff said he was staying at work, I thought you were going to have that baby for sure! Thank Goodness everything worked out! And you have a great adventure to tell about!!!!

it is snowing here today too. I didn't think I could hate snow....

♥Georgie♥ said...

I survived that same snow was insane we couldnt go anywhere...lovely photos though!

Yara said...

that would never happen to you if you lived here near me....

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

WOW!!! What an experience! We are totally in a CRAZY snow mess too with 2 feet in my front yard (last year we only got 3 inches!).

Jessica said... I'm so glad that you didn't get sick...or fall...or go into labor. Wow.