Friday, February 12, 2010

Question time...AKA too lazy to blog

She's so cute. Nope, that picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post. But who doesn't like naked newborn?

I've been asked a lot of questions lately that I haven't had a chance to respond how old is Ashlea...and...and...well, that's it. So maybe saying I had a lot of questions was an exaggeration, which I'm prone to doing.

Anyway, since I've had a question I haven't had time to answer I thought I'd (at least try) to kill two birds with one stone, but my aims not so good, so we'll see.

Ask all those burning questions you've been dying to know. All the ones that have kept you up at night thinking about me. Okay, so maybe it was the heartburn that kept you up, but you get me.

I'm an open book. Ask me anything at all. It doesn't have to be about me, but that will work too. Breasfeeding, birth, baby wearing, cloth diaper questions? I've got answers. Parenting, theological, book reading, photography questions? Maybe not, but I can get answers and you can see how stupid I am as I flounder around trying to answer it.

The floor is open. PLEASE ask me some questions so I'll have something to blog about.

Monday is an interview. And my goal is to get my birth story up next week. Watch for it.


Luschka said...

Looking forward to the birthstory! I love birth stories!

Kara said...

I have some!
1. Are you planning to have more beautiful babies???
2. Are you still going to be there when/if I give birth? Were you serious about that?
3. I'm starting a new weekly tradition, as soon as I get married. It's not a question but I wanted you to know!! :)

Trudy said...

First of all, how the heck did you know I was up with heartburn last night? LOL, first time in a very long time, but it was horrible.

I'm also looking forward to the birth story and starting to wonder how my own will be written in just a few short months!

I have a couple questions for you!

I am going to be a baby-wearing mama myself, even though my husband still thinks it looks weird! Have you found a sling that you like best? Where? I will have some special considerations being an obese mommy (at first!) but any general info would be great!

I am also going to breastfeed (God willing) but will have some additional challenges with having to return to work!

LOVE the picture of Jerusha, how did you get those perfect little sharpei wrinkles, adorable!

Mom's Place said...

I didn't know you CD too!!! Could you do me a favor? Can you write down you CDing experience for me, if the kids help you diaper, their input and hubby's would be fantastic!

All through the month of March I am focusing on CDing!!!! Even trying to round up some giveaways!!!

Melissa said...

Do you homeschool? I'm sure I could find it on the blog but I'm too lazy to go looking.

Can't wait for the birthstory! I'm really thinking and praying about a homebirth for our next. My husband is a little worried he won't know what to do if something goes wrong. He likes the birthing center because it's really close to the hospital. Anyway, not a question just wanted to put that out there!

Yara said...

I can SO answer all those questions (ok, not the one about being at someones birth)
but I will refrain.... hard as it is ; )

whats the square root of pi?
why dont my kids want to speak spanish?
does not forcing spanish on them make me a bad mom?
are my diapers really your favorites?
how do you make pie pops? you know, tiny pies on a stick?
why does my throat hurt if I'm sure I'm not sick?
why do I feel the need to go out and spend money on fast food, even when I dont WANT to?
When is Ashley's due date? Did she like the tea?
Are you ever gonna come visit me in California?
Cuz there's no way I can go to Oklahoma- there is nothing there (except, well, you <3)
Did my questions annoy you? ROFL

Kathy said...

Wait! say what? "too lazy to blog" I dont think "LAZY" has a thing to do with it :)

LivinginLilliput said...

Looking forward to your birth story!!:)

Mary Jo said...

When are you going to blog about mama cloth again? More specifically MY mama cloths LOL