Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm so excited!

Oh yes! Survivor starts tomorrow. I'm so excited I could just scream. I have a friend who records it for me every week...bless his heart. He's getting married to my good friend Kara. (Yep, that's me she's talking about in her post...YEA! Me.) So now, she HAS to watch Survivor. Which means I can invite myself over to their house and watch it with them. Hey, threes a company, haven't you heard? And yes, I often invite myself over to people's homes. Hey, if I don't do it, who will?

Before I move on to my guesses on Survivor I have a few things to say.

My weight loss is going great. I lost ten pounds in a week because I'm breastfeeding. AND (stop reading Jeff) I ate two candy bars in ONE day. And still lost. WOW! I am enjoying exercising, even though it's only been two days. But I already feel stronger.

My wonderful, fantastic, sweet, handsome, amazing husband who is so thoughtful and giving (no, I don't want anything) has offered to buy me a new outfit at every ten pounds. And GET THIS. When I reach my goal...a new wardrobe. YAHOO!!!! Can you imagine???? Kara, you wanna go shopping with me?

My first purchase is going to be a new bra and some new shoes. My old ones...well they stink. Literally. My four year old actually told me the other day that my feet stink.

Aside from that, my sweet Hannah is hatin'. She says my blog is too slow to load and I'm suppose to do some hard thing that she couldn't explain to me. So if anyone knows anyone who's having a blog makeover giveaway, let me know. Or even better, if someone is just learning and wants some blogs to experiment on, I'm your gal. But unless you guys start buying up everything at Amazon through my portal on the left there, I don't have the blog income to pay for a blog makeover.

Did you know you don't have to have constant moderation on? I hate that. You know I do. You can have intermediate moderation on. Meaning that if someone comments on something that's old, you can moderate it. But if they comment on something new it posts right then. Change it for me peeps.

Now on to the good stuff: Survivor

Everyone knows my two favorite players are Rupert and Russell. They cannot coexist together.

I think they will both last a while in their individual tribes. I think Rupert has learned a different way to play the game. AND NONE of the players have seen Russell play because filming started before that show aired. So yeah!!!!

My favorites:

Rupert (final four, I hope...but really that's just me hoping)
Russell (final four, definitely)
Grave Digger aka James
Tyson (He is hysterical!!!)
Boston Rob (final four)
Sugar (She's going to the final four this time.)
Tom (Did you see how fat he's gotten???)
JT (Final four, for sure.)

I declare, once again, Russell will win this game.

I cannot stand:

Randy (Notice how he's not smiling in his picture.)
Coach (Though he is quite amusing.)
Courtney (This is mean to say, but she's so skinny I'm afraid she'll die out there.)

Here are the people that I don't understand why they are on this season instead of Ozzy (leave me alone grammar police, I have six children) (Remember Ozzy????):

Cirie (Hey, she's nice, but really, wouldn't you rather watch Ozzy climb a tree?)

SO PLEASE, if you blog about Survivor, comment here so I can read your blog. And if you don't blog about it, start. And if you don't want to start, do it anyway. Okay, at the very least, let's discuss it here.


adrienzgirl said...

Yeah for you and the weight loss! Sweet! Keep moving! :)

Kara said...

Oh, my Michelle!! I know it sounds like a grade-school thing but I got so excited that you mentioned me!! haha... I'm such a nerd!
Yes! You are welcome any time at our home! I would love to have you (family included if you wish) over.
Also... YES! I would love to go shopping with you. That would be so much fun!! I only wish I could breast feed and lose weight too. Maybe I will have a child one day...
Love you <3

Mom's Place said...

I would turn on intermediate moderation, but I have one problem. Foreign blogger! They have been doing a lot of "commenting" on my new posts. Not nice stuff, and always linking to porn or a pharmaceutical type site.

I still love ya though! Too bad there isn't a way to let frequent visitors comments through while moderating the rest.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

So proud of you.....

Noelle said...

I LOVE Survivor!

I can't stand Russell...and I wish Ozzy were back too! I loved him!

I agree about coach - entertaining but kind of nuts.

But I really really want Boston Rob to win. He's my favorite.