Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Survivor Synopsis....or random thoughts

Wasn't Thursday's show fantastic? FAN TAS TIC??? Why, yes, it was!

I have a secret to reveal. The reason I have done such great and detailed posts on Survivor in the past is because I type out notes as I watch it. But I was SOOOO excited on Thursday, make that Saturday, or was it Sunday? Who knows, I have six kids. Anyway, WHEN I watched it I was so excited that I completely forgot about taking notes. And I have six kids so there is no way I'm going to remember everything I wanted to. But here goes:

Can you believe Stephanie? She is so tough! She dislocated her shoulder. I was in pain just watching. Then she popped it back in and never cried or screamed. Like me in labor. Moving on...

Rupert's toe. Oh man. Did anyone feel sorry for Rupert besides me and Ashlea? I mean, come on, he was the main fisherman in both his previous seasons. Not only could he not catch any this time out but he was bested trying to light a fire. My heart sank. I was worried he would get voted out. THEN the challenge. Man! What was he doing there? He was just looking into space, at what? Nothing! I thought for sure he was a goner.

Speaking of the challenge, whose idea was it to put those people on the puzzle part of it? Why wasn't Rupert running and swimming and lifting, which he's good at. No offense, Rupert, you know I love you, but that wasn't the best use of your abilities.

Sugar...oh honey, honey...You are one needy little girl. We know your daddy hasn't been gone that long, but you can't try hooking up with the first cute boy you see. Ya, for you Colby for saying no. (Like they read my blog or something...but, well, you never know.)

When I heard Russell saying that he was the best Survivor ever and he would win and blah blah blah I'm better than everyone, I thought for SURE he was going home. I sat here on my couch and called it. FORESHADOWING. Either Russell is going home tonight (which was then, whatever day that was) OR he was winning Survivor. I called it then and I'm calling it now. And I called it the other day too, if you'll recall, before I ever watched a second of that first episode. He's going to win. There, said it again.

And that's all I can remember. Told you. I'm so brain dead.

Don't forget to throw me your questions about whatever is on your mind: homeschooling, breastfeeding, weaning, big families. Anything. I'm open. For now.


T said...

Russell is the only reason I watched Survivor last season and he's the only reason I'm watching this season. I actually don't like the show at all.

Rebecca Jo said...

I thought the same thing when Russell was all cocky... Did you see that they taped this while the other one was showing so those guys didnt see much of his "game play"... so that'll be interesting...

And I would've been in hysterical crying with Stephanie's shoulder... heck, I was in tears just watching it on TV.. & she was like "I'm fine" even when it was out of socket.. is she a machine or what?

Anna said... long as your asking for questions...I've always wondered about the large gaps and then smaller gaps between your children. We have large gaps between ours too, five years, but I was just curious. And the dynamics of a family with gaps??? We have a ten, five, and soon to be infant, and hoping for a big family. Curious to see how that will all play out day to day. Also wondering why you weren't able to breastfeed Asa. I've had no trouble nursing, but kinda of a fear of mine with the baby I'm about to have...