Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WFMW-Revive Our Hearts

Every morning after breakfast, I send all the children out of the room, admonish them to be quiet (which they do not, but that's a whole other blog post) and do a Bible study...a time of praying, reading and meditating.

I begin by reading a passage or two from the Bible. I write down anything that I don't understand or would like to understand more. I pray and meditate on it. I don't mean new-age mediation but the act of focused thinking.

I pray over the passage and anything burning in my mind or heart.

Then I open my computer to Revive Our Hearts. Nancy Leigh DeMoss has written several books, and being that I enjoyed them, and found nothing opposing my own worldview, I thought her program might be beneficial.

I was amazed with how her beliefs line up with my own. I have enjoyed every study she has done.

If you are currently feeling like you need some revival in your Bible time, consider Revive Our Hearts. Remember though that this should be in ADDITION TO, and not INSTEAD of, Bible time.


~*Michelle*~ said...

Oh thank you! I think I might enjoy this.....

Happy Easter!

Helen said...

Great post!

Visiting from SITS. I love your layout and your kids are beautiful!

Marcy said...

I like Nancy Leigh DeMoss too, I need to listen to her podcasts. I have a couple of her books as well, she is a great author.

Michelle said...

She is Marcy. That's where I learned of her first...a book that was recommended.