Monday, April 6, 2009

Survivor-Eleven are left

That's the best image I could get. I couldn't find one without Jeff Probst. So sue me, it's my blog.

Well, I still don't have a favorite tribe, nor do I even know the names of the tribes. One is jalapeno, right? Anywho, there are players on both times I still like and I'm holding out for the merge.

Oh, you know, Coach has GOT to be the next voted out! Seriously. He complained because the beans weren't cooked enough. WELL COACH, are they cooked enough NOW???

I have to say, I thought Taj was a goner the whole episode. For one, it's obvious Stephen has his own agenda with her. He only wants the idol, and doesn't really seem to have an alliance. I wonder if she was sitting at home last night, with her husband and kids, watching last night's episode and screaming at the TV and Stephen. And her kids and her husband are sitting there asking her if she actually trusted the creep. And ya know, she isn't allowed to tell them if she made it to the final four, but her husband really wants to know. Because he's a big football player and he'll kick Stephen's patootie for being mean to his wife. Just sayin', could have happened.

I do think Taj was making a good decision to bring JT in, it just surprised me how quickly it backfired, and how lucky she was to stay. YIKES!

Did you notice how bad Sydney stinks at challenges? HOW did she even last this long? Joe only likes her cause she's cute? Then he made the alliance with the brown haired girl, because she's cute. I have no idea who she is because they never show her. But anyway, my point is, what is he thinking with? NOT his head, if you know what I mean.

Speaking of Joe, Brendan is sweet. He didn't send Taj to the island thingy, but sending Joe was just dumb. He's going to show his hand if he's not careful.

When they pigged out I had to wonder: WHY WASTE STOMACH SPACE ON BEER?

Wait a minute, stop the presses. Did you see the chest hair on Joe? It was like a carpet. EEEWWWW!!!

A bigger question occurred to me as Joe got sent to the island thingy with Sydney. WHY didn't he think Taj had the idol? Why would he assume she didn't have it? Have they ever watched Survivor before? Because if you have, hello???? Have you seen the fake idol??? Why wouldn't your first assumption, after someone has been to the island a bazillion times, be that they HAD the idol and if there was one somewhere to be found that it was FAKE????

But at the same time. TAJ???? You put the idol where anyone could find it? Do you want voted off?????

Oh but wait, back to Joe. Did you see the bugs in his sore? Why am I picking on Joe, you ask. I don't know, go ask your mother.


JT had a really tough time deciding who to send home. Did you hear his comment? "I'm going to hell?" Well sure you are, but what does that have to do with Survivor. Totally just kidding, guys. I know what he meant. He's a sweet guy in a hard position. But he made the right choice. TAJ didn't, but he did. Good for him. Now you aren't going to hell. Okay, well maybe you are...kidding, kidding, you might know Jesus.

So I'm glad Taj is still in. I want her, Brendan, JT and Sierra to the final four. There are others I like but they are my faves.

So what about you? What did you see going on? Who is your fave at this point? DISH.


The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, I love your blog and design, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! Your kids are darling! And you homeschool?? Way to go!!!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

"big bag of spiders" is enough to make me jump for joy... at not watching Survivor. Although everyone seems to enjoy it so much.

Michelle said...

Where are all my survivor watchers. If you read this post you need to speak. SPEAK i tell you. Discuss survivor with me.