Monday, April 6, 2009


1. You may have missed my Survivor post...and you bloggers who I told to come join me on Friday, who never read my blog, probably aren't reading it today because you think I'm a big, fat liar (and while calling other people fat on my blog always causes a stir, I think it's okay to call myself fat). But I'm about to post about it now. So, do, please read it.

2. I have a cold.

3. I left early Friday morning to go to a women's retreat. It was great. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

4. We still haven't had our egg hunt, but we did get the eggs decorated.

5. Why is it cold? Isn't it suppose to be Spring?

6. We enjoyed our Spring Break last week. We basically did nothing.

7. I haven't mailed any prizes yet, because I don't have a vehicle.

8. I don't have a vehicle because Jeff's car won't stay running, while he is driving it down the road. Yes, it dies. WHILE driving it. So he has to take the van, which leaves me with no way to mail your prize. Email him.

9. Everyone feels better around here but me. I actually took cold medicine. This is important to know because I hadn't taken any in eight or more years. If I would have known my babies felt this bad, I would have given them some Tylenol. But Millicent has never had Tylenol so I didn't know her head hurt so bad. She never complained. And while Asa complained non-stop, I didn't think much of him because he always complains when he's sick (just like his dad) but that doesn't mean he needs medicine. Next time I won't take any, because I prefer to let my body fight the infection. I was glad to have it though or I wouldn't have been able to go to the conference.

10. Stay tuned for my Survivor post.


Beulah said...

I feel your pain about the cold. It's snowing/raining here today.

I'm bitter.

Jeff Johnson said...

I'm not feeling well. come to my office and take care of me.

Yara said...

cold? it's warm today... nice, sunny & warm. A perfect spring day.
Not half as nice as last week (not here) was... but nice enough to make the days in this place bearable ; )

did ya miss me while I was gone? or did ya not even notice my absence?

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Your "sick" randomness made me laugh. And "he's just like his father" Ahahahaha! So so so funny.

Raising Olives said...

What is the deal about the weather? Yesterday it was in the 70's and this evening? It is spitting snow on us!?!


Christy said...

i have to admit Michelle i aways take meds and give my kids meds cause i hate the way it feels to be sick and i don't want them to feel sick! and its actually cold here today the weekend was awesome but today brrr!!!

Michelle said...

Yes, I know many many people give meds...but I like the infection to work hard in my body...if you fight the infection it takes longer to heal and recover. So I let my body and antibodies do the hard work. Medicines just mask it. Don't get me started. LOL