Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where is writer's workshop you ask? The masterpiece of my weeks work, on my blog. The most amazing story telling you've ever heard. Makes you laugh until you cry and cry until, well, you cry. Then makes you so mad that you tell me I'm insensitive and make me wonder if I should continue writing. But, yep, I will. WILL YOU? WILL YOU KELLY????

And hey, while you are at it...go visit my sweet, young friends blog (WOW! That just doesn't sound right, does it...but she is sweet and she is she put up some awesome pictures of my kids...and please be ever so kind and show her some bloggy love by leaving her some comments.

Now on to the day's activities.

Today I'm going to make the girls work for their prize.

First they will have to make a poem about St Patrick's Day or the color green.

Then they will have to tell the poem to their dad whereupon he will tell them to make up a dance for St. Patrick's Day.

They will show me the dance. Then I will tell them to make up a song, with a tune, to sing to me....and they will be rewarded. Too hard do you think? Maybe the song is too hard...ooh I should make Kori play a tune with it, on the piano, while Kati accompanies her on the guitar...neither play well, but Kori plays much better than Kati because she's taking piano lessons. Insert maniacal laugh...this should keep them busy a LONG time.

The craft today is a rainbow hand print. Quite simple. Go here for instructions.

Let's not forget a fun snack.

Check back shortly for my writing masterpiece.


[johannah.] said...

Awh. Thanks, Michelle.

Kelly said...

Huh..who, me? :o) Ok, so before I go, will you please send me a list of who you write for on what day? It seems you have a prompt for every day of the week. (ok, I know I could go through your posts and figure it out for my self, don't want to ;o) I'd rather spend that time figuring out how that list of 10 in 3 minutes is supposed to work.

Michelle said...

Sure! On Monday I try to do a money saving post, because on Friday there is a blog carnival at Lifasmom.

Tuesday, I just do whatever.

Wednesday, I always do a Works for Me Wednesday because there is a blog carnival at We are That Family.

Thursday, I do Writers Workshop, where she gives us writing prompts, at MamaKat...MamasLosinIt.

Friday, when it's Survivor, I do a Survivor post. Otherwise, just whatever.

Saturday I do scrapbooking posts, sometimes. You can go over to 2Peas and post there that you did a blog post and get some readers that way.

There are LOTS of other carnivals.

One that I see a lot is I did NOT...but I never do that one because it seems too hard.

I don't plan to blog every day but I have so much fun doing it that I can't help myself. I'm sure my readers would occasionally like a break...but what can I say?

Kelly, I'm also posting this in the comments section on your blog.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Sounds like too much fun - and anything that keeps them busy for a long time is just plain fabulous. :)

Thank you for ALL your wonderful comments on my blog this week - you were cracking me up!