Thursday, March 19, 2009

Writer's Workshop...What can you do in three minutes?

Choose a prompt, post it on your blog, and come back and sign Mr. Linky!!

The Prompts:

1.) I used to think...

2.) List ten things you can do in three minutes.

3.) Describe a time you allowed your child to do something that you normally would not let slide.

4.) I want to become friends with...

5.) What are you currently fascinated with?

I have done a blog post about things I thought I would never do, so that's kind of like number one.

I never let my child do naughty things. I have so many friends, why would I add another. I'm so fascinated with myself that there is nothing else to attract me. I've also been drinking heavily this morning. Totally kidding. About ALL of the above, and especially about the drinking.

I'm unsure exactly what prompt 2 means. Does it mean, I have three minutes to list ten things I can do? OOOORRRRR does it mean, I have to list ten things I can for three minutes when I do them. HMMM??? The first one, it has to be. So here I go:

1. Type 65 WPM.

2. Read a book in a day.

3. Change a cloth diaper.

4. Breastfeed (with milk) and with low milk supply.

5. Homeschool.

6. Drive a car or a van or a truck. (But I hate driving trucks.)

7. Record Survivor on my VCR before the digital transition went into effect here. (Does that count, because I USED to be able to do it.)

8. Check the mail.

9. Read blogs.

10. Take pictures.

OOOHHH..I still have a few seconds.

11. I can scrapbook.

12. Watch TV shows on DVD's because I get them from Netflix.

13. Rock a baby to sleep.

14. Give spankings that hurt.


Try not to embarrass me if I did this wrong.


Melissa said...

You go girl, with your "spankings that hurt"!!! :)

Wifey Dessert said...

you blog is so pretty and love your Bible Verse. i totally interpreted that a different way lol but i love your idea!! hurrah for you and breastfeeding :)

Songbirdtiff said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting from SITS. I thought I would return the favor. :) You aren't too far from me, I'm in NW Arkansas.

About thrift stores, well, I can't say that there is any trick to it. Going frequently and not getting discouraged when you don't find something are my two best suggestions. I went to goodwill this week and found nothing! However, you can go though my site and filter by "bargains" and see I the stuff I have found. Good luck!

Queenie Jeannie said...

You crack me up!

The no smoking thing is going fine in that I'm not smoking, lol! Now I only think about it when I'm driving (not often) and when I'm stressed out (not daily anyway, lol!).

I can't believe there is no Survivor on tonight!! That is just WRONG!!! Who gives a hoot about basketball?? Isn't that what ESPN is for???? Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

Yara said...

i think you did that wrong. No, Im kidding. I have no idea. : P
Like my title today?
I guess I really secretly like when you call me out in your posts ; )
but you know I love ya, right?
oh wow my head is all jumbled with allergies....
can I take something while nursing? This is making me crazy

pam said...

Your last one is cracking me up! I love your blog, it is so pretty:)

Kristen said...

Wow! 65 wpm? Nice. Interesting how we all interpreted the 3 minute one.

Carrin said...

What's the point in a spankin' that don't hurt?

suburbanmomgw said...

I had a conflict about the three min. thing too!

Dan said...

Interesting take on the 3 minute list. (And a good list you had for your interpretation!) I love ambiguous topics just for the variety that shows up.

Hopefully the spankings will taper off as the kids all get older. {*grin*}

Sharon said...

Hi Michelle! Thanks for stopping by! Any fan of JK Designs is a friend of mine! :) Loved your three minute wouldn't have even occurred to me to do it that way! LOL

Michelle said...

WOW I had a lot of comments yesterday. Thank you. I LOVE comments.

I replied to each of you..but if I accidently skipped you somehow, except Yara, who I talk to all the time, please know that it was just an oversight.

And if any of you read some of the other writers from the same prompt I did, I'm beginning to think I am the ONLY one who viewed it this way. OOPS! Tells you what being cooped up in the house with four kids, having St Patty's activities does for you.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

I like your list - you can sure do a lot of things, and list them in a short amount of time! It probably would have taken me ten minutes to come up with 3 things.