Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday....Having fun

Yes, having fun works for me. (Go here for other WFMW tips.) Seriously. I see so many parents, homeschoolers even, just trudging through the day, getting by and taking no fun or enjoyment out of it. Homeschooling, in particular, need not be dreary and dull. I want my children to remember that mom made their childhoods fun and eventful.

To that end I try as often as I can to have fun activities based on the holidays. If you were around for Christmas you know that every day was something fun.

I thought about skipping St. Patrick's day because I just didn't think there much fun to be had, but I'm ever so glad we didn't. I miss doing the fun Easter activities, because frankly, all those pinks and purples are beautiful. Hiding and hunting eggs is just fun. (I've been asked what we don't celebrate...we don't celebrate secular Easter. We focus on the resurrection of Jesus Christ and leave ALL the trappings behind.) So I'm having Easter, the way the world celebrates, a few weeks early, and calling it Spring Break.

So life should be fun; especially childhood. Have some today. Fun that is...not a child...although if you are pregnant and nearing your due date, I encourage you to go ahead and have that child. Or in the case of women trying to get pregnant, get pregnant, that would be like having a child. But don't steal one, that is especially what I was talking about not doing.

Moving on...

After our treasure hunt, (I think I called it a scavenger hunt, but I think really it's a treasure hunt, so excuse me for being wrong...and write it down, cause I NEVER am.) leading to some really cute headbands, we will make some rainbow jello for church tonight. Then we will make a Blarney Stone, although not really necessary as my girls already have the gift of gab.

NOW go have some fun!


Ryan Ashley Scott said...

That sounds like a fun day - especially the Blarney Stone, but that could be because I just like saying Blarney Stone. :)

I agree, stealing children is something not to do. I liked the way it took you an entire paragraph to get to that - made me laugh.

Congrats on your FFFF feature day over at Little Miss Sunshine!

Tara H. said...

OOH OOH OOH, i love your new page. It looks great. I am pleased that you love fun so much. You are right, it is all about fun when you are a kid!!!

Hope all is well.


Mimi said...

Wow you have a beautiful family. I have never heard the verse that you based your blog name on, but as the mother of 2 sons, I love it.

I'm going to use it to create a post on my devotional blog, Devotional Daze.

I stopped by from the Flip Flop game, but I bet I'll be back!

Beulah said...

Thanks! I'm still working with the new camera. I guess I like toys too.

By the way I love the new look. I need to invest in one.

I sent your book out yesterday. According to the powers at the post office, you should have it around the end of the week. I had to get it out, so I wouldn't forget. =)

Tricia said...

Congrats! You were a winner in my Spring Fling contest. Please email me so I can get your address and get your size 4 Gymboree outfit to you.

Amy said...

Wow two days in a row being feature by Jen and Patty. Way to go. Happy Wednesday to you.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Girl you crack me up and I say you can never celebrate too early! That means you can do it again soon right???

On the breakfast note that is just wrong!!!! I think we need to get our PB kids together ... LOL

Michelle said...

HI ALL! Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday! Being featured was sooo cool!!!

HA! I like saying it too...but girls COULD NOT remember what it was called.

I'm glad you like that scripture verse Mimi.

Alexis...funny or decide. LOL