Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weight Loss Check Ups

Hello fellow weigh loss-ees. No, that's not a word, but I wanted a cute way to say hi. Nothing you can do about it.

How are you doing?

Staying away from the cookies? Drinking lots of water? Running????

I actually am training for a 5K. I found this super easy method of training and Jeff makes sure I do it. It's actually quite fun, well maybe fun may be too strong. Maybe, hmmm, what word describes exercise? Well, anyway, I have liked doing the exercise and feel really good afterwards. We are even talking about joining our local gym. It has exercise classes, an Olympic size pool, all kinds of exercise equipment and a kiddy area, that is like the McDonalds play area. We'll see.

I had a really great, fantastic, never done better week, last week. I was down three pounds. Then this week was the backlash of that week where there was no food I did not stuff in my face. So I'm quite sure I gained back all that I lost and then some. I havent weighed because I'm afraid of the damage. But I'm not going to have a choice in a few hours because I have Weight Watchers this afternoon. Wish me luck...skinny, thin, weightless luck. I don't believe in luck, so never mind.

If you've never used the Mr Linky before, it's really easy. Just go post on your blog about how you are doing weight/fitness wise. Even if it's just to tell us you aren't doing very well. We want to encourage you.

Then after you publish your post, click on the title of your post. Then highlight (Yes, this Mr. Linky for Idiots.) it and copy. Come back to Mr. Linky and fill in your name (and possibly a snippet of what your post is about). Then insert your blog addy into the second part...the one where you highlighted and copied. Easy.

Michelle (having lots of ups and downs)
Blessed-quiver, etc etc etc

If you don't have a blog, consider starting one for this purpose.

OR just leave a comment.

And pictures earn you brownie points.


Kelly said...

I WAS doing good, then I got in a wreck. I hurt my back so first went the exercising. So I focused on eating right. Then I had to turn the rental car in, and was left w/o a car, so I started eating whatever junk was laying around the house. I had lost 5 pounds, and now it's almost all back :o(

ScrappinAway said...

Hi! You were ahead of me on roll call at SITS this morning so I thought I would pop by! I love your blog and I am definitely going to do the paper back swap! Thanks for sharing.

Margaret said...

Hi. Thanks for coming by my blog. Sorry I forgot to tell you about my giveaway. Come back and you can enter all of the rest of the giveaways. There are 4 posted and 3 more to come.

Yara said...

I'm stuck! My pants still dont fit and skirts make me look like Gloria on madagascar & dresses accentuate my giant stomach that is no longer cute. So... do I buy a wii fit? Do I join ww again? Do I joina gym (bt what would I do with the baby?) make dh let me join stroller strides and leave the girls at the hourly daycare place?
what do I do? I am so tired of being fat & feeling bad about myself and reaching for the love of a cookie or half a loaf of friendship bread or soda. yes, I have been bad. But well...
so what do I do?

Michelle said...

Kelly, you've had a rough time of it. You know my struggles from the last two weeks too, so that is what has made it harder for me. But we can resolution to do better!

Scrappin, thanks!

I will Margaret. For anyone else reading, check out her blog, she has AWESOME prizes. But I get a finders fee, if you win, right?

Yara, you should join WW. Especially while you are nursing. When I was still nursing Asa the weight FELL off and I didnt feel like I was hungry AT ALL.

Can you join a gym and let your hubby watch the kids while you go work out? Jeff will play with them while I do a class if I decide to join. But I've also been running and we put them in a stroller that he pushes. Of course, I know B gets home much later so I don't know if that will work for you.