Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I heart Paperback Swap - Our online book club offers free books when you swap, trade, or exchange your used books with other book club members for free.

And it's not just for paperbacks. OH no, it's much more. I've gotten hardbacks, CD's and cassettes.

If you haven't tried PBS then you should click on that little link up above and go check it out.

Some highlights:

1. You need to post 10 books to get your first credit. But it's totally free and easy.

2. After that, every book you send out gets you a credit, once it arrives to the purchaser.

3. Every book you want costs a credit immediately.

4. If you run out of credits you can purchase three for $10.

5. If you use delivery confirmation when you print your label, you get an immediate credit.

6. They have a wish list you can add books you would like to read, but are not available yet. If there are others on the list, then they are numbered. Oddly enough I have gotten books on my wish list even if I've been number 30 or more. So don't get discouraged.

Here are some books on my wish list:

Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food in Hard Times (174
Babywearing (I'm number 26.)
Barthlomew's Passage (88)
Everyday Graces (60)
Hope's Boy, a Memoir (229)

7. I cannot believe the books I've gotten. Just to name a few:

When You Rise Up, A Covenantal Approach to Homeschooling
Born in Zion
Losing It, by Valerie Bertinelli
Raising Maidens of Virtue
How to Develop Character in Your Children
The Influence of Older Children on Younger Children
(If you are a fan of Vision Forum, you will recognize those last three.)

8. I buy books at garage sales, when they are marked under a dollar, and post them along with any books I've read and are done with. You DO NOT have to post just books you have read.

9. For under $5 you can send and receive any book, as long as you didn't pay more for it than a few dollars. Shipping media mail is very cheap. But even if you paid full price for it, better than letting it sit on the shelf where you will never read it again, you can swap it for another book you'll love.

10. Every time someone joins under you, and posts 10 books, you earn a credit. So please click my link and give me a credit.


Marcy said...

Oh my word, I love PBS!! I've got a book on the way now that was on my wish list. What a great site! I am so glad someone thought of it.

Marcy said...

Oh! And I got "When You Rise Up" off PBS too!!!! I haven't read it yet.

Margaret said...

I have been looking for something like this. I am going to mark this, so when I have more time I can come back.

Yara said...

2 books posted... I know I have more books around here I can post. How sad I have to find them somewhere; much better to post and pass on to someone who wants them : )
enjoy your credit

Yara said...

so how do I make a wish list?

Michelle said...

PBS is awesome, Marcy. Oh, what book do you have coming? I have one coming too: Mistaken Identity. I love autobiographies.

Margaret you'll love it.

Thanks to whoever signed up under me yesterday. I got a credit.

Yara, you have to post 10. I forget to say that. You are sweet to do this! LOL.

For the wish list:

Log in (of course)
across the top, in that blue box, click on My Account

A drop down will appear there.

click on my wish list

from there you enter the names of books you would like.

If someone has posted the book then you can immediately get it.

If they don't have it, then you'll have to do a second search to include books they dont have. You'll see that option when they first search fails.

Then you add it to your wish list.

Let me know how that works.