Friday, February 20, 2009

Survivor....last night

Stop reading if you haven't watched last nights episode of Survivor. YES, I actually got to watch it last night. My ever sweet father in law (aka Fil) recorded it for me. My always sweet husband went over there at 8:00 and got it for me, where we raced home, put the kids in bed and watched it...with only a short interlude while he bathed. Drat him for bathing.

Anyway, I can tell you that I'm going to like this season of Survivor.

Coach has a way with people and I can see I should have called him. He's getting to the Final Four. I am calling it now. He convinced an entire team to get rid of someone barely on their radar. He's good. And it's not good in a rude, deceitful way, but more of a....what's best for our team....kind of way. Very nice!

I was a little disappointed in Sarge during the challenge. Frankly I expected more of him.

But! Who would have thought she had that in her. Frankly, I like her style. She can be a little, okay, a TON, in your face, but I still like her. I don't predict she'll make it to the merge because they think she doesnt need the money. Too bad! But if she does I think she'll be able to keep her alliance with Brendan, which will be good news for her.

JT I still love and he's going to make it past the merge. He will endear himself to those around him. But watch him, because he isn't as stupid as he acts.

Brendan I still like. He's wily, he's smart, he's intuitive. He's making it...he could take this game.

I like Sierra more and more. She works hard, and they are noticing that as well. But she better find that idol quick or she's out. Since she's small that will be all they look at.

I was GLAD to see Candace go. Can you please put some clothes on????

What did you think of last nights episode? Calling anyone yet?

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Staci said...

I have not watched any of this season... I had forgotten to TiVo it, so I hope its on OnDemand...