Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finally, I watched Survivor

I have a few comments.

SANDY...Do you want to stay on the show? I realize you were happy to not be going home but if you want to win over your tribe mates, jumping up and down and shouting Hallelujah, may not be the best way. Also, come on! You didn't work on the camp at all. That's just lazy. At the very least you should have gathered something....what? Well I just don't know...but you have to look like you are contributing.

Tyson....Stop being so gay. No, they don't make man tiaras.

Sarge....You can do this. Remember not to take control.

Carolina...When you are so tired during a challenge that you have to drag yourself over the line, and then your team loses, it's probably best to not get back to camp and start nagging people about how they don't finish what they start. Or maybe that's just me?

Taj...Seriously, it's too early in the game to be calling people out. NO ONE likes someone like that. (Unless they are calling out someone who is lazy, calling other people lazy, see above.)

Lesson from episode one: You can look and sound like Jessica Rabbit all you want and sometimes it's just not enough when you are lazy and calling other people lazy (see above).

I'm still keeping all my originals. I figured Carolina would get farther, on coattails only. But I also like Spencer in this episode and am going to keep my eye on him. He seemed really genuine and nice. And oddly enough, I really like Sandy. She's quirky and upbeat. She could get past the merge, but no way she wins this game.


Yara said...

I prefered the oatmeal post, but then, i am not a survivor fan. Did you see the one in Guatemala? I do believe they did one there. No, I did not watch. I just cant get into that show

Michelle said...

Yara, I don't miss Survivor. The funny thing is that I didnt see the first few seasons cause I had no idea what it was and thought it was something inappropriate. It's not. and now it's my favorite show in the whole wide world.