Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fluffy mail

Dream EZ diaper (photo from Kelly's Closet) ISN'T IT CUTE! I LOVE IT!

Do you know what fluffy mail is? It's diapers. Cloth diapers. Fluffy, soft, oh so cute, cloth diapers.
I have a serious problem with cloth diapers....and no, it's not what you are thinking.

I LOVE them...I'm addicted to them....I can't stop buying them.

I do fine for months at a time. Then, WHAM! I go on a buying binge.

I'm looking for the next best thing. The perfect diaper. The cutest diaper. The diaper that will last and last. I'm just looking. I just want to buy more.

Someone stop me. I already have enough diapers to overfill my washer and then some.

But wait, the only mediums I have are girly. You can't expect me to put a pink flowery diaper on Asa. So I have to buy more. What choice do I have? My hands are tied.

What? You make diapers and will give me a good deal. Well okay!

Oh, that was a test huh? I failed? Okay, okay. I'll stop.

Just as soon as I get this one diaper...

Want to join me in my addiction? Diaper Swappers and Kelly's Closet


Kelly said...

I'm totally in <3 with diaperswappers :o)

Christy said...

did you see that they are making a fuzzy bunz one size diaper it looks interesting and i am totally gonna buy one when they finally stock it right now i have been buying lots of happy hineys i personally can't stand Velcro but little man is long and fat that snaps don't work right for him so i have like 45 fuzzy bunz and they just fit him funny its so annoying but at the same time HH has some super cool prints lol

Christy said...

ya no if you'll be my affiliate on Kelly's closet I'll be yours lol

Yara said...

you know I give you deals!

coco-ono said...

Thanks for entering my contest and commenting so much! We DO have a lot in common! Zeke wears disposables but I really wanted to do cloth...they are just so expensive at start-up and I didnt have the money. Dont you hate that? Cheaper in the long run but you need the cash up front! Maybe for the next babe, though.

Michelle said...

Yara, you enabler you!

Christy, I DID see the FB one size and think I'll try one too.

Zeke's mom...Yes, the initial cost is a little daunting. WHen I was preggo with Mill I started buying newborn sized diapers...mostly new...of the kind most recommended by my friends who used cloth. I bought one or two a week.

Then as she got older and started needing to go up in size, I would start buying the next size up the same way, a few at a time.

Now I have all sizes, but a LOT of pink and flowery dipes. Gotta get some camo...and not the pink camo that I already have..LOL.

So if you plan to have more, just start buying a few a week as soon as you find out you are pregnant.