Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

Gift Wrap

One thing I do to make opening presents a little easier is matching gift wrap. I also save on having to write everyones name and who it's from.

It's easy. I pick a wrapping paper that reflects each person and wrap all their presents in it.

Ashlea usually gets penguins, if I can find them.

Kati gets something food related, last year was gingerbread men.

Kori gets snowmen usually.

Millicent gets something cute, like teddy bears.

Then when we open presents on Christmas morning, it's easy to tell who gets what. And it saves me time.


shopannies said...

I did this too. I had 6 children and now they are all older but it used to be so funny to have them figure out a code. I would put different codes on the tags for instance I may put b3 which would either be the oldest or the youngest of the 3 boys or i may put 15g which would be the 15 year old girl. BUt wrapping paper was always the same so that I knew even if I may of forgotten the code with all the ongoings.

Yara said...

I like that idea
but I have rolls of paper left over from the last 2 or 3 years, some huge rolls I need to just get rid of
when *that* is all gone, I'll have to try to remember the 'each person gets their own paper' thing
: )

Annie said...

I also do wrapping paper for each individual. Dad is mainly green, mine is snowmen and our sons is red.

Diana said...

Ido this too, with a slightly different spin. I pick different papers, or sometimes bows to camoflouge all the gifts, no one knows which paper or other significant marker is theirs until Christmas morning, it keeps little eyes from trying to peek. :)

Michelle said...

I would for sure forget the code, shopannies. I guess you would have to make it pretty easy, huh?

Yara, just check to see if you have enough for one person in those left over rolls. Last year I was on bedrest and didnt get to go shopping for paper, but oddly I STILL have enough...for 3 years now.

Keeping it a surprise is a good idea too...especially if you have husbands, I mean children, who try to peak.