Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Unwrap a book each night

The benefit of doing this is that the little ones get use to opening presents. Then they don't tear through every present on Christmas morning.

Last year Millicent sat patiently waiting as each person opened their presents, in turn. Unbelievable for an, almost, two year old.

Yesterday morning at the crack of dawn, Millicent woke up and asked if she could open a present. Last night when it was actually time, we told her it was Ashlea's turn. So she got the bok from the box and handed to Ashlea.

Ashlea, the ever sweet big sister, told Millicent she could unwrap it. You should have seen the happiness. Then she discovered it was a book and the glee doubled. She was so excited.

She may not quite get the book concept yet, but she is learning patience and about sharing. A really fun way to teach these concepts.


Yara said...

how I wish we had a picture to see.....
sounds so nice : D

shopannies said...

love this idea and will use it next year for my granddaughter

Michelle said...

Oh yea, the kids love it.

YES YARA, so did we. It was so precious. We even thought about getting the camcorder out the next night but figured we wouldnt get the same response. She still has not grown tired of opening them though...and they are still just books, wait till she gets a movie. LOL