Thursday, December 4, 2008

Stockings are not for ripping into

I want to talk about another one of our traditions. Stockings.

We take an unusual approach to stockings. Generally, children wake up and rip into their stockings, and within just a few minutes the stockings are empty and Christmas is almost over. That is NOT the way we do things here.

On Christmas morning we all meet in the living room and I hand out stockings. (I hope no children are reading this because we don't "do" Santa.) Then we draw names to see who goes first.

One by one we take something out of our stocking. We say how it relates to Jesus.

It looks like this: watch-Jesus watches over us.

book-Jesus is in the most important book ever written

While that in itself doesn't sound like much fun, it is! Our intention wasn't to have fun with it. Our intention was to place the importance of the day right where it belonged. But a by-product of doing that made this tradition absolutely hilarious.

You must remember that we have some unusual thinking going on in our house. Plus there may be four watches to pull out of stockings, and no one can say the same thing twice. Together with our weird children and not being able to say the same thing twice, hilarity ensues.

Another bonus of doing stockings this way is that it lasts a really long time. Everyone gets to see what everyone else got. Doing it this way takes more than an hour sometimes. (We take breaks.) Everyone loves it. The stockings are the best part of Christmas for the girls, so they have said.


Anonymous said...

Your entry makes families that rip into their stockings feel like they are doing something wrong??? :(

Jeff Johnson said...

Wow, honey, you have some very sensitive blog readers. Please pass the tissues. And yes....death to all infidels who rip into stockings.

Michelle said...

LOL...of course not. I'm just saying that is how we do our stockings.

I was just trying to have a clever blog title.

You do yours your way, and we'll continue to have a blast opening ours. No offense intended.

Tara H. said...

My family doesn't quite rip into the stockings, but I sure did as a kid and we had a good time. There is something to be said slowing things down a bit too.

In my home, the girls go through their stockings usually carefully but definately with an excited pace. We do not reflect on each item, but we might this year. It kinda sounds fun.

Anonymous, I once felt the same way, but then I realized this is Michelle's Blog. She is not trying to put anyone down. She just tells HER story. She is stating this as HER opinion...not her Judgement or fact. If you feel bad, maybe God is nudging you to take at look at your own traditions. Try not to take it personally. Since you don't even post under your name, she can't even know WHO you are. It is not personal.

Andy said...

this is so entertaining...

Michelle said...

Andy, don't be too entertained or I'll say something mean to you too.

Just kidding of course.

I didnt mean to upset anyone. Thank you Tara for your comment.

I feel strongly about the way I do things and want to share them. Doesnt mean you are wrong if you do them differently.