Friday, December 5, 2008

What should I put in the stockings?

I hear this comment a lot. I just wanted to list some things I put in our stockings. If you have other things, please leave a comment, we can all use the help.

Everyone gets:
their favorite snacks, including some fruit
a book
some kind of little toy (one year it was wind up toys, one year fidgets)

The girls get:
a nice Christmas plate and cup
ponytails, clips and headbands

Jeff gets:
a gift certificate

toiletries, like shampoo and lotion (razors for Jeff and Ashlea)
small toy that is different for each child...polly pockets for older girls, linking beads for Millicent, cars for Asa
pens, pencils, erasers
small notebooks, note cards, sticky notes
fingernail polish
a CD
cooking utensils for Ashlea
tools for Jeff
washcloths for Millicent
bath toys for babies
art supplies
air fresheners, candles for Ashlea

What do you put in your stockings?


Diana said...

Very prectical. I've never been practical about stockings, but I think I might consider it this year... if my kids won't rebel!

We're usually full with a DVD, candy, little toys. If Santa brings things requiring batteries, that's about as practical as I usually get. :)

Yara said...

did you say candy?
other than that my list is pretty much like yours : )

Michelle said...

we can't do underwear because Jeff has a tradition from his family...when you get underwear for Christmas you put it on your head.

FORGET IT. We arent doing that! LOL