Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Not Much of a Crafter, but...

I do make at least one gift at Christmas. Here is one of my favorite traditions.

At the beginning of December we all draw names, secretly. We DO NOT tell anyone who we draw. Then we make a gift for that person.

Sounds simple right?

But it's actually a lot of fun.

After all the gifts have been opened, we give our homemade gifts.

One year Jeff made me a gardening shed out of leftover wood in the barn. Ashlea made Kori a bingo game. Millicent gave Kati hand prints with a picture of the two of them. I gave Ashlea a cookbook with recipes we make together.

You never know what you will get.

One year Kati "made" something. No one really knew what it was. She drew her own name. So when it was time to give her gift she realized she had to keep it...she said she didn't want it. Last year Kori waited till Christmas Eve to do hers and made me a necklace that broke when I opened my present.

So it can get pretty hilarious.

This year I have to make three presents, because I also drew for Asa and Millicent.

This is Ashlea's least favorite tradition, but it has so many aspects that are fun, that we just have to keep doing it.


Yara said...

oh, and so Jeff & the kids don't know who you got/ what you are making.... we have to wait til after Christmas to find out?
fine..... be that way!
: )

Michelle said...

That's right...I promise it's nothing that people will run and tell their friends about...LOL...I'm just not that gifted in crafting.