Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Family Awards Night

Our awards from last night go to:

Contagious Smile--Millicent
Most Obedient Child--Kori
Most Thoughtful--Mom
Best Attitude--Dad
Most Giving--Kori
Cleanest Room--Ashlea
Bible Memorization--Kori
Cleanest Teeth--Dad
Volunteer Award--Kati
Best Manners--Mom
Cleanest Person--Ashlea
Best Chef--Mom
Best Dresser--Millicent

Some of the rewards:
2 hours at Mimi's
soda from the store
candy from the store
go to store with Mom
go to town with Dad
watch a movie for rest time
stay up 30 minutes late
sleep in 1 hour

Anyone else do something similar?


Kim said...

How often do you do this?

Michelle said...

Once a year...as part of Advent...we draw it from the box.

It's really quite fun!