Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Eve Will Find Me....

Did you know that my handsome husband reads my blog every day? He skims over posts on womanly stuff like cloth diapers and pads. But today I don't want him to read this will ruin Christmas.....




Okay now that he's gone, I can get down to my post.

We have a really fun Christmas Eve tradition that is just for the two of us. Now if you have a little one nearby you might want to know that this post is going to be PG-13.

After the kids are in bed, we set up the video camera.

WAIT! Get your minds out of the gutter...would I post about that on my blog? Sheesh!

Then we record our predictions for the coming years. (Did you really think this was going to be THAT kind of post?) We predict what each of our children will be doing in one and five years. We record it, so presumably we can watch it. We've never watched it though.

I buy a bottle of sparkling grape juice. We open it and light some candles. Very romantic.

Next we have presents we give to each other to open early.

Every year I get Jeff a "special" gift. I use this company. Sometimes it's a game or a special lotion. (I do have a recommendation, if you need one. The "O" gel. Very nice!) This particular company is a Christian run business. They are very discreet both in their packaging and on their site. There are no scantily clad women and nothing inappropriate. I would send my husband to this site with no fear. They do not sell your information and never send emails. I have full confidence in this company, for this kind of product.

I encourage you to start a really romantic tradition with your husband. Just suggest to him to buy you a special gift...or better yet, this first year, go buy some lingerie, from him. And give him a gift from Book 22. Then next year, he'll get the hang of it on his own!

You know what your husband really wants, and it's not a tie. (Although it may be a video game.)



Diana said...

Ok, now you have completely expressed the UPSIDE of not "doing Santa." You see all of us who are, are going to be busy building bicycles and setting up toy displays (in my case driving back and forth across Orange County to where the toys are hidden by myself while my husband recuperates from Monday's impending knee surgery.)
Romance with my hubby... hmmm, maybe it's good Santa's days are numbered! Merry CHRISTmas!

Jeff Johnson said...

Are you kidding me. How am I supposed to resist reading something that you have explicitly told me not to read? You do know me, right? If I know where a present is I will find it and preview it. You have to hide presents from me more than you do the children….and now you expect me not to read a post that might “spoil” Christmas. Mwahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Jeff's in trouble but I don't think he cares since he knows what he's getting for Christmas :) Baby number 6 for next Christmas?

Thanks for the info on the website though. It's nice to have a recommendation regarding a nice, clean, non-porno-type site.

Kim said...

Tee hee! You're so cute, Jeff and Michelle. My Dh would pass out if I posted that on my blog!

Yara said...

okay.... Michelle will be due around September 2009 : D
I think she will not be too mad at Jeff ; )

this SO makes me want to do away with our (ridiculous, in my opinion) tradition of staying up all night, and hugging & then opening presents at midnight. I want quiet. I want no one around but dh. I want my kids to go to sleep... I want candles & sparkling cider! oh.... why oh why did I tell my parents & sis that they CAN come for Christmas, which to them means 'after work Christmas Eve'
wah! maybe some day..... maybe some day.....

Michelle said...

LOL Diana! Yea, but it does take a while to fill stockings...

and hey, Kim...I never said we USED the gifts on cmas that I've thought about this post, I see what you mean...remind me to shut up next time. LOL

AWE! You need some sparkling cider! I think you'll have fun anyway.