Thursday, December 18, 2008

An I Ave Oor Andy, Aaee?

Christmas is one of those rare days when the children are allowed to eat whatever they want. And when I say rare, I'm talking as rare as a three legged, blind chicken. RARE.

I fill their stockings with candy and fruit and miscellaneous food items. I also make sweet rolls.

We open our stockings.

Then we have "breakfast". NO ONE HAS to eat what we are having and the rolls are there for whenever you want them. I usually set out some snack type foods in the afternoon.

You can eat your food from your stocking whenever you want. Like I said, this is RARE.

Then after we've been cooped up all day, enjoying our gifts, possibly watching a movie, Jeff takes us all to eat at Outback Steakhouse.

We get dressed up in our Christmas dresses and enjoy a full meal.

Usually by then Kati has eaten all her food.

Kori has eaten all her chocolate.

Millicent is already begging her sisters for more candy.

So getting out of the house for a good meal is a pretty good idea at that point.

It's a fun tradition. AND ONLY once a year. The rest of the time I make kids eat vegetables and meat and other real food.

What about you? Do you let your kids have a day to eat whatever? Or is that a normal day at your house?

Millicent speak: Can I have more candy, Ashlea?


Yara said...

no & no
my kids can eat candy more than at any one time of the year, it is not so rare around here. but then, I just saw a blind 3 legged chicken cross the road. lol.
I do feed them healthy food (most days) and *try* to limit sweets & junk..... but..... sometimes I bribe them with 'candy' or something to get what I need....
like, my little girl gets a fruit snack if she will not cry when it is time for her to go into her children's ministry class so I can go to my bible study. Or if I have an appointment & need to get her dressed & her long curly hair at least semi brushed & I want to get to my appointment on time while still driving safely & at the speed limit : )
Are there better ways? perhaps. okay, probably. alright, I'm sure of it. But I do what works for me... and sometimes that is candy ; )

Michelle said...

OH yea, we have sweets pretty regularly, just because they are usually offered to us pretty regularly. In a perfect world, we'd have sweets once a month...but watcha gonna do?

Hey, you gotta do whatever works! I'm with you there.

But Cmas it the only day I don't put limits...of course I fill their stockings with some healthy things too, and Kati gets less sweets because she has issues with sugar and food dyes.