Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

As most of you know, or should by now, I'm a minimalist. So when I buy something, I like things that last and things of value. So it should come as no surprise when I purchase toys that they too would be long lasting toys. Toys that stand the test of time and children. Here are a few of my favorites from around our house and a few that we are getting this year:

Play kitchen: We got ours last year from Target and the girls have LOVED it. Even Kori plays in it all the time. It's wood, so I expect it to last a long time, through several more children.

Play food and dishes: Well you would know we would need these. But they transcend the kitchen. They are good all the time and everywhere.

Puzzles: All shapes, sizes and varieties. All kids enjoy doing puzzles. I especially love the wood puzzles.

Games: We have so many games, but continue to buy a new one as a family gift each Christmas. They are great for making family time. Our favorites are Loaded Questions, Whoonu, and In a Pickle. They are great family games for all ages.

Hape toys: Great wooden toys for all ages. This year Asa is getting the tool set for his birthday. Plus he and Millicent are getting wooden toys for their stockings.

I just really like wood items. They can be banged around, chewed on, played with! And they last and last. Can't wait to read yours.


Anonymous said...

The Hape toys are a big hit in our house too. I agree about the durability.

We get them from Landbridge Toys, if that helps anyone. Great customer service.

Rebecca said...

I just played In a Pickle for the first time recently and it was a lot of fun!

To answer your question about the Only Hearts Club dolls. You can get them at Target (that's where I found ours). Full price they are between $16-18, but I was able to get a bunch on clearance for $8. I was excited and bought a few extra that I hid away for Christmas! I did check ebay, but didn't find any that were selling for any cheaper than Target.

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